Best Ways to Avoid Tooth Erosion

Regular dental check-ups with your Springfield, MO dentist are very important to maintaining your dental health.

It is also extremely important to review your home dental care to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Everything you eat has some affect on your teeth and some items can lead to tooth erosion. This can lead to cracked teeth, discoloration, sensitivity and more. Basically tooth erosion is the wearing away of your teeth by the acids in what you eat.

Keeping this in mind makes it easy to avoid contributing to the problem. When you eat acidic foods or drinks, simply rinse out your mouth with water to neutralize the remaining acid in your mouth.

This simple step is probably the most effective easy thing you can do to avoid tooth erosion. Of course cutting back on carbonated drinks and acidic foods helps, too. When you do eat or drink something that is high in acid, swallow it quickly to avoid it remaining in your mouth a long time.

Brushing is important in avoiding tooth erosion, too. Using a soft toothbrush reduces the friction on teeth that can contribute to erosion. Waiting at least an hour to brush following acidic foods helps as well. This gives teeth the chance to remineralize after being exposed to the acids you just ate or drank.

Remembering these simple tips will contribute to your dental health by helping you avoid tooth erosion. If you have any other questions regarding your dental care, please contact me any time. I look forward to seeing you on your next appointment.


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