Can Neuromuscular Dentistry treat my TMJ symptoms and TMD disorder?

Physiologic Neuromuscular Dentistry uses the relaxed physiologic position of the head and neck muscles to place the jaw in its optimal position.

TMJ Dentist in Springfield, MO - This optimal physiologic position often does not correspond to the position in which the teeth fit together. By addressing this discrepancy, years of pain and suffering can be alleviated.

When the teeth, jaw joints, and muscles are not working together physiologically, an imbalance can occur leading to jaw pain, headaches, and even breaking teeth. 

Temporomandibular joint disease (also known as TMD or TMJ) affects over 80 million people at any one time. It is a chronic, degenerative disease that may take years to develop.

People who suffer from TMJ disease have a structural imbalance in their jaw-to-skull relationship caused by a bad bite. This disease causes excessive pressure to the jaw joint and surrounding tissues, altering the position of the joint.

The jaw then twists into a strained position which affects the muscles in the face, back, neck and shoulders.

A bad bite could lead to the following symptoms of the TMJ which can lead to TMD and dysfunction of the craniomandibular system.

    • headaches/ migraines
    • unexplained loose teeth
    • worn, chipped or cracked teeth
    • pain or soreness around the jaw joints
    • pain in teeth that seems to move around
    • neck, shoulder or back pain
    • facial pain
    • clicking or grating sounds in the jaw joints
    • limited movement or locking jaw
    • numbness in fingers and arms
    • congestion or stuffiness of the ears

If it is determined that your bad bite and occlusal disease is the cause of your pain, there are various treatment options available to correct your bite and alleviate pain and discomfort.

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Dr. Green uses the BioPak JT-3D, TekScan (T-Scan Novus), and M-Scan system a ultra low frequency TENS unit to determine your optimal physiologic bite position.

Physiologic-based dentistry can correct your bite by reversible, non-surgical orthotic therapy, porcelain restorations to reconstruct your bite into its new position, or orthodontic therapy to move your teeth and correct mid-face development to this new position.

The treatments help to eliminate years of suffering and can even change your appearance to one that is more youthful and relaxed. Treatment options are available.

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