TMJ Symptoms — Why These Headaches Shouldn’t be Ignored

Springfield, MO - TMJ Dentist with Advanced Training Treats TMJ Pain

Migraine headaches and tension headaches are a health problem that seem to be more prevalent in our society. There are many factors that contribute to headaches and people often search far and wide for a solution. Often, people attribute their issues to allergies, vision problems, stress, or even neurological problems. Even when all of these issues are ruled out, many people still suffer from persistent migraine headaches with no source of relief.

Chronic headaches are symptoms of TMD disorder and TMJ and the scenario I described above is one of the reasons people go to the doctor for medications rather than visiting a neuromuscular dentist for a TMJ exam in Springfield, MO. Very often, the teeth and the way they work together with the muscles and jaw joint are the source of tension headaches and migraines. 

When the teeth, jaw joints, and muscles are not in balance with each other, the imbalance can also lead to neck pain, jaw pain, tooth pain, and popping and clicking of the jaw.

TMJ disorders can be very difficult disorders to diagnose. Often called the Great Imposter, its symptoms can appear in so many ways and can be confused for many other conditions. For a persistent headache, people see their general practitioner or eye doctors. For localized pain in the shoulders, neck or back, people might see their general practitioner or get referred to a specialist. Even earaches or tinnitus (ringing in the ears) can actually be TMJ related. When these practioners cannot find the source of the pain, usually the prescription is pain killers or something to try to reduce inflammation. Neither is proper migraine headache pain treatment or cure for TMJ pain symptoms.

We want all of our our patients to understand that TMJ pain in the head, neck, jaw, upper back and arms are all symptomatic of TMD disorder. If you or someone you know is living with these symptoms, seeing a neuromuscular, TMJ dentist may help. With my training in neuromuscular dentistry, I can help to treat your TMJ condition with physiologic-based dentistry with great success. Our treatment is done with no jaw surgery and focuses on eliminating the cause of your pain, not just treating the symptoms.

Please let me know if I can help you or someone you know. One neuromuscular exam can make a life changing difference for someone with TMJ pain.


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