Facial Growth Orthodontics with Daniel

March 6th, 2018
Day 1 with Scans, Comprehensive Cleaning, and Spacers

Hi, I'm Daniel, a patient of Dr. Randi Green's. I am keeping this blog in addition to posting videos of my facial growth treatment with Dr. Green.

Day number one! We are prepping for my growth appliance. We started with digital scans of both my top and bottom arches with the iTero digital scanner. To scan both top and bottom took about 5 minutes with no goopy impressions! 

Once complete the scans sent to the only lab that will make my customized growth appliance with the press of a button on the iTero.

The lab that makes the AGGA makes each one totally custom, and it takes about a month to get it back.

The purpose of the anterior growth guided appliance will create space and grow my maxilla (top jaw) forward and create more space for my airway and give me a mini facelift at the same time. My mandible (bottom jaw) will also move forward to match teeth match up correctly.

A quick background: Previous Orthodontic Treatment and Childhood Sleeping Problems

"In addition to having crooked teeth, I have endured postural problems from hunching in front of multiple computer screens for half my life. I also learned that I have obstructive sleep apnea. 

I had traditional orthodontics twice, three times if you count my first appliance, but my teeth never stayed in their corrected place. 

Luckily at the time of my first ortho, my parents wouldn't let my orthodontist perform a jaw surgery to "make room" in my mouth. What I know now actually would mean shortening my lower jaw to match the top would have made my problems a whole lot worse. I don't have enough room for my tongue to stay positioned in the top of my mouth. This incorrect tongue position is one of the leading culprits of a mouth breather and most people with mid-face deficiency due to breathing through their mouths instead of noses have crooked teeth. 

I am now starting my final round of orthodontic treatment!

At this first visit I was also due for my six-month comprehensive cleaning, so Jyss also gave me a top-notch cleaning with the Ultrasonic Piezo (high-pressure water scaler) It's so much better than the old way of hand tools. 

I'm pretty good with flossing and using a Waterpik daily, so I did not make her job more difficult. I recommend the Key Lime Pie Flavor if you're looking for a new polish flavor."

April 18th, 2018
First day and Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA) insert


May 8th, 2018
20 Days Into Facial Growth Orthodontics Treatment

I want to share some update photos of my profile throughout my journey. I'm starting to see changes in my mid-face and I'm less than one month into my treatment! In addition to helping cure sleep apnea, this treatment should help to square my jaw and give my face more fullness, like a cosmetic face lift without the surgery.

Left side at LEFT Day 2 - and RIGHT Day 20



Right side at LEFT Day 1 - and RIGHT Day 20


May 17th, 2018
29 Days Into Facial Growth Orthodontics Treatment



Doctors Notes:

Daniel presents with Class III maloclussion and has been through previous orthondontic treatment. He has bouts of vertigo and dizzyness in addition to scoring quite a high number of sleep apnea events during a recent sleep study screening. He has forward head posture out of necessity and bad postural habits formed from many years at a computer desk.

We determined that he was good candidate for a sleep and snore device but with his current facial growth treatment he shouldn't need a night time sleep appliance. 

He was also not a good sleeper as a young child and led to early habits of mouth breathing which kept him breathing improperly for many years leading to worse malocclusion.

He had expansion appliance therapy to widen his arches as a pre-teen and his parents were given the option of jaw surgery. They never consented to orthognathic surgery to cut his jaw and waited until he was old enough to have braces.

Surgery is not the only option to correct a bad bite, crooked teeth, or mandibular hyperplasia.

He is thankful as an adult and credits his parents for not allowing traditional orthodontic philosophy to allow a surgeon to remove bone.

Fast forward. Traditional orthodontics and Invisalign treatment have both straightened his teeth and both orthodontic treatments gave him the smile he wanted, but as a teen his teeth have never been put into the proper occlusion. In essence the root problem was never addressed and fixed until now.

In Daniel's lifetime he has gone through three different rounds of orthodontic treatment. One expansion appliance as pre-teen, braces as a teen, Invisalign as an adult, (now with permanent lingual bar bonded to the back of his teeth) and now round four, facial growth expansion to finally fix the root of his problem. Nasal breathing and proper tongue posture.

This facial growth treatment will grow his maxilla 6-8 millimeters forward. He will regrow bone helping his jaw move forward and out of his airway also bringing the mandible forward. This treatment will help to eliminate forward head posture and improve posture, help to eliminate obstructive sleep apnea, resolve any TMD signs and symptoms and of course help straighten his teeth.


Daniel will post updates of his journey with facial growth orthodontics on this blog. Stay tuned!