Carl's Cosmetic Smile Story
Cosmetic denture patient Carl before treatment

Cosmetic denture patient Carl before treatment

Cosmetic Dentistry help Carl achieve better oral health and a beautiful smile. He had broken and decayed teeth and needed a cosmetic solution.

Read Carl's interview that details his natural cosmetic dental treatment experience with Dr. Green and the smile doctor team. See his before and after natural looking cosmetic dentures photos 

Daniel – Welcome to Smile Stories by Randi Green, D.M.D. I’m Daniel, her practice manager and your host today, and I work for the Springfield Smile Doctor.  Today we’re having a conversation with Carl, a cosmetic denture patient of Dr. Randi Green’s. We’ll get to know a little about Carl, his motivations, talk about his treatment plan, and find out why he came to Dr. Green to do something about his ailing and failing teeth.  Hi Carl, and welcome.  

Carl – Hi, this is Carl.

Daniel – Thank you for sharing your smile story with us today.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, Carl.  How old are you and give us a little background on who Carl is.

Carl – Well, I’ve got a few years under my belt, I’m fifty five.  

Daniel – You look much younger than fifty-five!

Carl – Well, thank you.  I appreciate that. I do a few things to try and improve that area, impact that area, and I’ve had some issues with tooth decay for quite some time, largely because I just ignored them, was my own fault, no one to blame but myself.  I had heard some of the radio advertisements from Dr. Green, and she was addressing some areas of real concern to me, particularly in, um, her understanding of, well the sort of things that just make people look older in age.

Daniel – So, those might effect, your whole life, your job and hobbies – do you have any hobbies or interests, outside of your daily life that improve, you know, that improve that health that you talked about.

Carl – Well, we’re all social beings and like to gather with other people.  And as we get a little bit older in life, our priorities kinda change and, you know I was looking to be just simply more active in social settings.  And as our children grow, we’re going to have weddings and births that we need to be a part of and the holidays of life just become even more important, and the quality of the time that I was spending with these people that were part of my life – I wanted to have a good time and look good, and just wasn’t really able to express myself and I was hiding feelings and emotions.

Daniel – That really hits to the the core of what you’re talking to us about today.  When did you first notice that you wanted to achieve a healthier smile? What was that catalyst that propelled you to seek out help?

Carl – I think at that particular juncture in time it was the options that were really becoming available in the dental industry. That really seemed to be practical and they could make a difference and the time was right. The juncture came together right where I was at the point in life where the kids were grown and I could spend a little bit of money on it myself.

Daniel – Well how did you feel about making that decision? Was there any anxiety? Was there any emotion there that you could describe?

Carl – There’s always anxiety because there’s a lot of options available. It’s a big choice. It is a commitment and just like anything else, you’re going to get out of it what you put into it. But I really felt comfortable when I went to Dr. Green and she just made me feel calm about the situation. There was no pressure for me to do anything I didn’t want to do. It was all in my time frame as I was ready to go and that was one of the things I was definitely looking for with a cosmetic dentist. 

Daniel – You said that you heard a compelling message on the radio. Do you remember what that message was and how did that speak to you?

Carl – Well, I do. I was in a situation where I knew I was going to have to have a big section replaced, probably a denture or something like that and you know I’m not the only one I know that I know is like that and I had seen a friend who had the same thing done and his teeth looked better, but the way they were sitting in his mouth when he smiled, he frankly looked older. And I was like I don’t know if that is necessarily an improvement and Dr. Green in one of her radio advertisements addressed that specific issue.

Daniel – You perked up when you heard that on the radio.

Carl – I perked up when I heard that!

"And I can’t say how it’s going to be for everybody but the first day that we did the major portion of the treatment, it was a hot September day and I noticed on the way to the car I felt better to be honest with you."

Carl I thought that was an option that’s realistic, doable now and life’s getting busy. Got weddings coming up and everything else.

Daniel – Carl what do you remember about that first appointment with Dr. Green?

Carl – There was no pressure. I was very comfortable. She knew what she was doing and I didn’t have any problem making a decision to go ahead and continue with cosmetic treatment.

Daniel – Dr. Green can you tell us more exactly how you helped Carl achieve his optimal oral health goals?

Dr. GreenCarl came in like he said with some teeth that he had ignored over the years and he mentioned this as well, he’s like so many other people out there the kids come first and so a lot people just delay and really don’t pay attention to their health because they are taking care of kids getting them through school, getting them out into jobs and things like that. Carl had gotten through all of those things and came to us and it was time for him finally. Unfortunately his teeth had suffered through those years. We took a look at Carl and there were a bunch of different options and a bunch of different ways we could go about his treatment. We could save some things if he wanted to or we could not, and we decided with his aesthetic goals in mind and health goals in mind and then also keeping in mind what future maintenance would look like we decided that going with a denture on the top and then saving as many bottom teeth as possible was the best route for Carl. By going with a denture up top instead of trying to piecemeal a solution together we were really able to control the final outcome which was important for Carl because we wanted to give him the youthful smile that matches his active lifestyle and his youthful personality. We wanted that smile to be able to match him.

Daniel – That’s great. Thank you Dr. Green. Carl are there any specific stories or instances in daily life stand out to you when you’re interacting with people and smiling? Has it changed for you and can you talk about that a little bit?

Carl Well, Yes. As far as forthright things. Close family members are going to say something to you. People don’t generally come up and comment you know about what you’re teeth look like.

Daniel – Well you need to smile more then Carl!  

Carl – Well it's coming about. It’s the way that they treat you though. And perhaps it’s the way that you feel about yourself because you can go ahead and smile and you’re not worried about what this person thinks about me or anything like that.

Daniel – That’s great! Have you noticed any health improvements as well?

Carl – Well honestly that was really the first thing I did notice. And I can’t say how it’s going to be for everybody, but the first day that we did the major portion of the treatment, it was a hot September day, and I noticed on the way to the car I felt better to be honest with you. It was if a weight had been lifted and the next opportunity I had to meet with the doctor and I had explained to her that I look at health from the standpoint of E=mc2. The way that this equation works here, I felt that I removed a lot of “m” in the decay that was just coursing down through my body and I was spending a whole lot of my own “E” on that as far as repairing the damage keeping the further complications from occurring and now that’s gone and so my body is able to expend that in other ways and it’s made any type of effort that I put into anything else, whether it’s workout or riding a motorcycle, hard, which that’s a lot of effort at my age, I just notice a difference all the way around.    

Daniel – That’s fantastic. I’ve actually got a before and after photo of you. I don’t want to surprise you too much, but I wanted to show you. I don’t know if you have seen this before, but I think the shape of your face looks more elongated like a non-surgical face lift. It’s a masculine look and I think Dr. Green did a fantastic job.

Carl Well, and it’s a little bit too about muscle structure. I commented on this about to the doctor. In anticipation as things were going along, because like I said, they went at my pace there was no pressure no rush or anything. You know I knew there were going to be improvements happening so it had been so long since I had truly smiled. Those muscles were weak. They were gone a little bit. I looked weird in the mirror. I was like, who is that guy? That is not a smile, so I had to practice, but just like anything else you put a little bit of effort into it and things come back.         

Dr. Green – I want to elaborate on some of the things that Carl said. I think he brought up a really good point in that E=mc2 equation. I think a lot of people just don’t even realize that. I think people think “Oh well they’re just teeth…” But honestly teeth that are decayed and that are broken they are just huge sources of infection in the body and that really can bring a person down. We as human beings have this nature that we tend to adapt and accommodate but that doesn’t mean that we’re performing at our best level. When Carl shared that equation with me early on after he got those bad teeth out and I told him I’m going to remember that. I think it’s an awesome illustration on how when you take this infection and you get these sources of pain and not good out of your body you really do free up your resources. Your immune system is not fighting so hard and you do have energy to be able to go out and do the things that you enjoy in life. You feel good about those things, so it’s not just the looking good part it’s the feeling good part too.

With that being said I think that, and I will tell you Carl didn’t spend this much money, what Carl had done is very accessible to a lot of people, but I would say that he got a good fifty or sixty thousand dollars worth of results out of his smile. Carl would you agree with that?

Carl – I don’t have any complaints at all. None at all.

Daniel – That is so great to hear. Carl what else would like to say about Dr. Green her staff and how they made you feel during your treatment?

Carl I appreciate you asking me that because I do want to compliment about the staff.  Dr. Green, after a few minutes with her, you’re going to get the sense that this is someone that number one; knows what they’re talking about, number 2; who cares very deeply about what they do and number 3; understands the human factor. You know they’re not in a rush. Okay, that’s all well and good, but she has taken the time to surround herself with a staff that is just like her and that’s really what kept me coming back. In fact, they upped my own commitment to do it right. It’s like wow, if they’re going to spend that much time and effort on my old self then I’m going to go ahead and make this work too. They picked me up too.

Daniel – Carl I have one last question for you. What would you like to tell others like yourself who have been ignoring or putting off major dental work due to embarrassment or fear?

Carl – Well, certainly I understand how you feel. Just give these girls an opportunity to come in and put some of your fears at rest. If this is not the time for you to do it that’s fine. You can start setting a goal and get it to the point where you can do it at some point in the future. I think we were over a year in this entire process. Just give it a try. They want to make the world a more beautiful place one smile at a time. Give them a chance to do that.

Daniel – I can’t say it much better than that Carl. That’s fantastic.

I want to thank you again for sharing your smile story and to show our appreciation Dr. Green is making a donation in your name to the Ronald McDonald Tooth Truck which will assist children in our area and help them to gain access to dental care and a healthy smile.

Carl Fantastic. Glad to know that.

Daniel – You’ve been listening to Smile Stories by Dr. Randi Green. Listen for us on your favorite radio station and look for new smile stories on our website at

Hear Carl tell the story. Listen to his Smile Story with Dr. Green.

Natural-looking, high-quality dentures can restore your self confidence
Cosmetic Denture patient Carl's notes

Carl's Custom Cosmetic Denture Smile Notes

Left untreated, decayed and broken teeth will lead to severe dental infections, bad breath, bleeding gums, extreme tooth pain and breaking teeth, among other problems.

When ailing and failing teeth reach a point to where you don't want to save them, natural looking New You Cosmetic Dentures are a solution that eliminates a lot of problems most people have with typical dentures.

In Carl's case we did a Cosmetic New You Denture on the top. This prosthesis was completely customized for his mouth to ensure a fantastic fit, feel, and function. Carl even brought us a picture of his beautiful daughter’s teeth. We were able to match their shape to ensure his teeth looked like his family’s.

In the before and after you can see the amount of restored volume to Carl's face that was lost during years of wear and tear to his teeth and/or from bone shrinkage after losing teeth. Some patients refer to this as a non-surgical face lift.

By taking a physiologic approach to the denture making process, we were able to ensure optimum muscle relaxation. This is key to achieve a great bite and function. We were able to give Carl a new lease on life to celebrate and enjoy the holidays of life with his family and close friends. 

Dr. Randi Green's smile makeover stories are life-changing. 

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