Dan's Invisalign Smile Story

Dan had traditional braces as a teen but his teeth relapsed after not wearing his retainer. When his wisdom teeth came in all bets were off.

Invisalign treatment with Dr. Randi Green helped Daniel achieve the straight and healthy smile he always wanted with clear aligner treatment in Springfield.

Dan's upper arch before Invisalign

Dan's upper arch before Invisalign

Dan's lower arch before Invisalign

Dan's lower arch before Invisalign

Dr. Randi Green's Invisalign Case Notes

Dan's case was extreme Class III malocclusion. All his teeth weren't meeting in his natural, physiologic bite.

Invisalign helped to correct all the issues he was facing with his teeth. Left untreated his teeth would have continued to shift leading to more dental and oral issues. Without corrective Invisalign treatment his gums would have continued to be a problem source. They would have been more difficult to clean leading to early periodontal disease. Straight teeth not only help him brush his teeth more easily but savor moments in life with a beautiful, healthy straight smile. We are also replacing all his metal mercury amalgams with more aesthetic and health-conscious tooth-colored bonded porcelain onlays.

Due to a narrow arch, we sent Dan home with our at-home sleep study to rule out obstructive sleep apnea due to a narrow arch. When the results came back from the sleep study he could not believe the results. He is currently doing therapy to correct many years of mouth breathing to a more proper nasal breathing technique. This is one of the most common ways that lead to malocclusion in our society today. 

See Dan's Invisalign treatment progression with clear aligner treatment.

Invisalign clear teeth straightening technology can correct overbite, underbite, open bite, crowded mouth, and straightening overlapped teeth give you a straight smile. Read more about how Invisalign can align your teeth to their optimal position.

Dr. Green – Welcome to Smile Stories from the Springfield Smile Doctor, Randi Green, D.M.D. 

Dr. Green – Today we're talking with Dan, one of my Springfield Invisalign patients.

Dr. Green – Talk to me about your smile before Invisalign? What happened with your teeth and tell me what you didn't like about your smile?

Daniel – I was feeling bad about my smile and becoming more self conscious about smiling at all in photos or when I laughed out loud in meetings at work. I knew that I needed to fix the problem and I didn't want to go trough with braces again.
I was in my late-twenties and wanted a more discreet solution. I can assure you if I could go back to my fourteen-year old self and tell him to wear his retainer I definitely would! I wish the orthodontist I went to then explained in more detail and impressed the importance of wearing my retainer to keep my teeth in that position. I'm sure my parents wished that I had worn it more too. That did not happen and that resulted into a rather quick regression of my teeth until I was able to do something about it.

Dr. Green – How has your new smile affected your life and career? Are there any specific stories or interactions with people that stand out to you now? Do more people notice your smile?

Daniel – I can laugh now without worrying about if people are looking at my crowded, crooked teeth.  I noticed that by also correcting the position of my teeth with Invisalign that my cheeks look more full which I think gives my face a more healthy appearance. My jaw has always looked elongated but through Invisalign treatment for my teeth this small change made a difference in my face too.

Dr. Green – Have you noticed any health improvements after your dental treatment?

Daniel – I  don't get food stuck in my teeth like I did before. I was always so self-conscious about having food stuck in places where everyone could see. I opted for a permanent bonded retainer on both upper and lower that forces the teeth to stay put! I can floss my back teeth much easier and I even switched to using a WaterPik to clean my teeth every day especially with the permanent retainer. 
I just feel better about myself too. It's hard to explain but I have more confidence in front of people and I definitely smile more. I get compliments on my teeth all the time. People ask me if they are my real teeth and I can proudly say yes!

Dr. Green – What would you tell others like yourself who have been ignoring or putting off major dental work due to embarrassment or fear?

Daniel – Dr. Green, Liz, Jyssica, Rene and the team are great. They truly care about their patients and put forth a lot of effort to make you comfortable at your visit. They are very thorough and take the time to explain any questions.
Also, there aren't 20 other people waiting to see the doctor in a waiting room. It's just you and them. As a busy guy who was always on-the-go this was nice because I knew they would see me at the appointed time without the hassle of a "cattle call". This might be the number one thing I would recommend to anyone looking for an Invisalign dentist in Springfield. You feel like you are the only patient in the building and have their full attention.
"They made time for me and focused on my needs. I felt very comfortable telling them anything and everything. Invisalign treatment was a breeze and there was almost always never a wait to see Liz or Dr. Green."

In addition to being a patient of Dr. Green's, Daniel is also the practice manager at Springfield Smile Doctor. He is happy to share his journey with anyone that has questions about Invisalign and help them achieve their life-long smile goals.

In addition to being a patient of Dr. Green's, Daniel is also the practice manager at Springfield Smile Doctor. He is happy to share his journey with anyone that has questions about Invisalign and help them achieve their life-long smile goals.

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