SmileMore Savings Membership Plan
No Dental Insurance! No Problem!

Dental Membership Club in Springfield, MO

SmileMore Savings Plan Features Overview

The SmileMore Savings Plan provides the professional oral care you want at an affordable price near you in Springfield!

Why do we offer this to our Springfield dental patients?

You don’t need insurance to get the best dental care. By offering the dental savings plan directly to you, we remove the cost and hassle of a middleman and keep it simple for you or your family.

The savings are passed directly to you. Our aim is to provide you with exceptional, affordable dental care. Best of all, your dental benefits start immediately.

Join the club and save today!

Are you past due for a dental cleaning in Springfield, MO?

  • Your benefits start immediately at our Springfield dental office. Join today, save today!

  • Includes exams, and routine x-rays at no additional cost.

  • Our dental membership runs for 12 months from the date you join the club.

  • Dr. Green provides exclusive discounts on other dental procedures, like fillings and even some cosmetic services.

  • You have increased flexibility and fewer restrictions than dental insurance.

  • There are no deductibles, waiting periods, annual maximums, denials of claims, or pre-approvals.


Important information to consider about the SmileMore Savings Plan

The SmileMore plan is not dental insurance it’s a dental health membership. The SmileMore plan is not transferable to other dental offices or dental specialist offices. The Smile More Plan is only available to patients who do not have existing dental insurance or anticipate discontinuing their current dental insurance. It is solely the patient’s responsibility to schedule and keep their reservations. No refunds will be provided for dues paid or unused services, including failure to schedule and maintain appointments. Please notify our office at least 48 hours in advance if you must change a scheduled appointment. Fees for dental services may change at any time.

  • Dr. Green has partnered with SmileMore Savings Dental to provide our membership plan to you.

  • SmileMore cannot be used in conjunction with another dental plan or dental insurance.

  • Your payments must be current to receive the services and discounts included in the SmileMore membership plan.

  • Cannot be used for costs of dental care which are covered under automobile or medical insurance.

  • The membership plan runs for 12 months and includes an auto renewal feature.

  • You can opt out of the auto renewal at anytime but no refund of membership fee will be issued if you use the plan and decide to stop.

  • You will receive a reminder prior to the renewal date.

  • The SmileMore membership plan does not cover the following procedures completed at our practice:

    • Our membership plan does not cover procedures completed by specialists outside our practice.

    • Orthodontics such as comprehensive orthodontic treatment and appliance therapy

    • TMJ Treatment

    • Cosmetic Dentures

    • Myofunctional Therapy

    • Tongue Tie Releases