Facelift Dentistry

Facelift from a 417 Dentist Near Me

Are you dreading the next filler or injection treatment to help improve your appearance? Anti-aging dentistry with Dr. Randi Green in Springfield might be your option to help you look years younger without fillers, injections, or expensive plastic surgery.


Facial Growth Orthodontics with Michele


Facial Growth Orthodontics with Kathy



These are some of the most commonly asked questions of Dr. Green’s Facelift Dentistry patients.

How can I get a facelift from a dentist and what is Non-Surgical Facial Growth Orthodontics?

Facial Growth Ortho is an orthodontic technique that helps remodel and develop the jaws as nature intended.  By doing so, the facial structures gain more support, which can improve the jaw line, cheek bones, and lessen deep lines around the mouth. See Dr. Green’s featured facial growth cases

Will Facial Growth Orthodontics Work at Any Age?

This facelift dentistry technique can be used on individuals as young as 7-8 years old depending on how many permanent teeth have come into place. It can also be used on adult patients whose teeth and gums are in good condition. 

Where is Dr. Randi Green located and is she taking new patients seeking a non-surgical dental facelift?

Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Randi Green is located in Springfield, Missouri just north of Republic Road at 1320 East Kingsley Street, directly behind Eye Surgeon’s of Springfield. She and the smile team are accepting new patient reservations for a dental facelift with growth guidance for those in the 417 area and beyond.


Learn More About How Facial Growth Orthodontics Works for Dr. Green’s Patients

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