Retha's Cosmetic Smile Story
Retha before cosmetic porcelain restorations

Retha knew cosmetic dentistry was her last option. Her teeth were wearing down, cracking, and getting darker. 

Cosmetic veneers were a perfect fit. She wanted to smile more, but had been told by another dentist that due to the cracks in her teeth porcelain restorations were not an option. Dr. Randi Green and the smile team helped her smile more with a complete smile rejuvenation with porcelain restorations.

After completing her exam, Dr. Green let Retha know that a smile rejuvenation with cosmetic veneers was possible. She addressed the reason for the cracking teeth first.

Retha’s treatment began with neuromuscular therapy to address her TMJ symptoms with physiologic dentistry. Then TMJ dentist, Dr. Green helped open her bite and restore the vertical length of her teeth that had been lost from years of grinding her teeth.

"Having the misfortune of inheriting teeth with thin enamel, eating acidic foods, like an apple, had become very painful. I thought I could cover them with veneers and my problems would be solved. That’s when Dr. Green suggested a full mouth restoration of porcelain crowns. Now, not only do I have a pretty smile, I can enjoy my favorite foods."


Phase 1 Full Mouth Restoration

During the first phase of cosmetic treatment, Retha noticed her teeth feeling less sensitive and her jaw muscles were much more comfortable than they had been in years. She could eat some of her favorite foods without sensitivity - and this was just the first phase of treatment. Needless to say, Retha was excited to move forward with the reconstruction phase of treatment. 

Phase 2 Full Mouth Restoration

The second phase consisted of a smile rejuvenation with custom porcelain restorations. The custom-designed porcelain restored Retha’s bite to the new comfortable position and gave her the "look" and cosmetic change she desired. She even noticed more support in her cheeks and lips that made some of her wrinkles disappear! As you can see, Retha has a beautiful new smile thanks to cosmetic dentist, Dr. Randi Green.

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