Rick's Cosmetic Smile Story
Retha before cosmetic porcelain restorations

Rick had a tapestry of old dental work that was failing. His teeth were wearing down, cracking, and breaking. 

Cosmetic porcelain restorations restored all of Rick's teeth in two visits. Dr. Randi Green and the smile team gave him a complete smile makeover and rejuvenated his smile with custom porcelain restorations.

"I think it's obvious right now. I haven't smiled on camera. I haven't done that in a long time. I tend to hide my smile behind my beard, mustache, and lips. Full exposure now!"

Full Mouth Porcelain Restoration

Dr. Green did not need to change Rick's bite so cosmetic dentistry helped him restore years of wear and broken teeth. Dr. Green completed the smile makeover and full mouth rejuvenation by placing cosmetic porcelain restorations on every tooth. Rick now smiles with confidence and doesn't hide is smile behind his lips, mustache, and beard. 


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