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Top Springfield Dentist for Ten Years in a Row

Top Dentist Dr. Randi Green is again named one of Springfield’s best dentists for a tenth consecutive year and certified by her peers through Top Dentists and 417 Magazine. Dr. Green is an advanced general dentist who knows you deserve the best dental healthcare.

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All-on-X Fixed Hybrid Bridge
Snap-on Dentures

How Much Are Dental Implants and AOX?

Explore the enduring value of dental implants from our Springfield, MO, practice. We emphasize investing in your smile's longevity and overall quality of life. Our tailored approach ensures each treatment plan aligns with individual health, aesthetic, and functional goals, utilizing advanced technology and high-quality materials. We also highlight our commitment to making dental implants accessible through various financing options, ensuring patients can prioritize their dental health without financial worry.

NewYou Cosmetic Dentures™
All-on-X Fixed Hybrid Bridge
Snap-on Dentures

Why are Bad Dentures so Common?

When it comes to dentures, cheaper isn't always better. Opting for budget-friendly, one-size-fits-all dentures can lead to various issues, from an unnatural appearance to discomfort and health risks. Premium, custom-fitted options that mimic your original teeth' natural look and feel are better. NewYou Cosmetic Dentures is a revolutionary approach that ensures optimal fit and a natural, youthful appearance.

NewYou Cosmetic Dentures™
Snap-on Dentures

Are Cosmetic Dentures Your Best Solution?

Find unmatched benefits of opting for cosmetic dentures at Dr. Randi Green's Springfield, Missouri practice. Cosmetic dentures offer superior aesthetics and more comfort than high-quality dentures versus standard options. We use advanced measurements with advanced technology to achieve natural-looking smiles. With Dr. Green's expertise, patients receive dentures that offer an impeccable fit and enhance facial aesthetics, proving cosmetic dentures to be a wise investment in one's appearance and oral health.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea
TMJ Pain Treatment & Therapy

Rethinking Dental Night Guards: Dr. Randi Green's Advanced Sleep Solution

Standard dental guards may not always protect your teeth from grinding. Improve your sleep and overall dental health with a physiologic night appliance. Get expert tips from Dr. Green and practical advice on choosing the right appliance for your best sleep.

Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain Crowns
Full Mouth Reconstruction

Your Complete Guide to Dental Veneers in Springfield, Missouri - 2024 Edition

Dr. Randi Green, Springfield's renowned cosmetic dentist, presents the 2024 Edition of 'Your Complete Guide to Dental Veneers'. This comprehensive guide covers everything from understanding veneers and their benefits to detailed procedures and maintenance tips. Dr. Green, acclaimed for her expertise and collaboration with top dental labs, offers insights into choosing porcelain veneers, addressing various dental concerns, and comparing veneers with other dental treatments.

TMJ Pain Treatment & Therapy

Is there a cure for TMJ?

Dr. Randi Green is Springfield's non-surgical Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) treatment expert. Covering symptoms and causes of TMJ, Dr. Green uses advanced dental technology and physiologic-based dentistry in Springfield, Missouri, to alleviate pain and discomfort. With TMJ, practical tips for pain management and daily living underscore the importance of personalized care. Explore Dr. Green's treatment options through a virtual consultation or in person.

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