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TMJ Dentist Dr. Randi Green helps many searching for answers discover a better quality of life through a customized physiologic dental approach to treating TMJ pain and symptoms without surgery or medication.

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Alicia was nervous and had major dental anxiety. After her online research, she chose Dr. Green to not only provide her with the best implant-supported system but to help her smile again. From start to finish, hear how she found compassionate care and more with Dr. Randi Green and the Smile Team in Springfield, Missouri.

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Rethinking Dental Night Guards: Dr. Randi Green's Advanced Sleep Solution

Standard dental guards may not always protect your teeth from grinding. Improve your sleep and overall dental health with a physiologic night appliance. Get expert tips from Dr. Green and practical advice on choosing the right appliance for your best sleep.

Is there a cure for TMJ?

Dr. Randi Green is Springfield's non-surgical Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) treatment expert. Covering symptoms and causes of TMJ, Dr. Green uses advanced dental technology and physiologic-based dentistry in Springfield, Missouri, to alleviate pain and discomfort. With TMJ, practical tips for pain management and daily living underscore the importance of personalized care. Explore Dr. Green's treatment options through a virtual consultation or in person.

How a Bad Bite Affects Your Body, TMJs, and Health

Discover how your bite, jaw joint, posture, and health are linked together. Learn how a bad bite can cause problems, and discover how Dr. Randi Green helps her patients feel better.

Can You Treat TMJ Pain Without Surgery?

Yes! In fact, for most patients, TMJ pain can be alleviated or eliminated without surgery. If you have been told otherwise it might be wise to keep reading. Dr. Randi Green and her smile team start by listening to your concerns as you describe your issues with TMJ, headaches, and facial pain.

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