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Beyond Teeth

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Dr. Randi Green

Our springfield Dentist provides exceptional care beyond teeth for children and adults

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Green knows that getting the smile of your dreams is often a lifetime goal and offers many options to those in Springfield, Missouri, and beyond. She can help you achieve the best healthy, natural smile with cosmetic dentistry.

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Full Mouth Restoration


TMJ & Physiologic Dentistry

TMJ Dentist Dr. Randi Green helps many searching for answers discover a better quality of life through a customized physiologic dental approach to treating TMJ pain and symptoms without surgery or medication.

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TMJ Pain Treatment


Restorative Dentistry

Our Springfield dentist knows that function and eating the foods you want can make all the difference. Dr. Green offers many restorative dental options to help you achieve a healthy, natural smile, restoring function and beauty.

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Snap-On Dentures


Preventative Dentistry

Dr. Green knows that at-home oral hygiene is a major part of your preventative dental care. Patients that see our Springfield dentist, Dr. Green, and her hygienists establish care at different intervals.

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Laser Periodontal Therapy


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Dr. Randi Green

417 Springfield Top Dentist

2015 thru 2024

Dr. Green is a 417 Top Dentist nominated by her Springfield dental peers for ten consecutive years.

Dr. Green treats complex TMD rehabilitation cases and TMJ pain symptoms and provides anti-aging dentistry alternatives with cosmetic dental treatments that can provide her patients with a non-surgical facelift effect.

As a top dentist in Springfield, MO, patients seek exceptional cosmetic dentistry and the best advanced general dental care in the greater Springfield metro area, Midwest, and beyond.

Springfield, mo top dentist

Expert Tips and Knowledge From Your Smile Doctor | Dr. Randi Green

Our dental office in Springfield goes beyond typical check-ups and cleanings to focus on overall health and how it relates to dental health to better serve 417 families with the best expert dental tips and knowledge.

Our Springfield dentist and the smile team provide advanced cosmetics, expert dental knowledge, optimal oral hygiene tips, and whole-health guidance for you and your family.

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January 26, 2023

Top Springfield Dentist for Ten Years in a Row

May 15, 2019

Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine names Dr. Randi Green one of the 2019 ‘40 Under 40’

April 10, 2019

The Uncommon Smile Doctor Customer Experience

Our Services

Expert treatment

TMJ Pain Treatment and TMD Disorder

TMJ dentists such as Dr. Randi Green consider occlusion (how your teeth fit together) when treating TMJ disorder. The components of this treatment system also consider the health of teeth, joints, muscles, and soft tissues.

The physiologic-based dental approach to treating TMD blends all three of these components, starting with objective data to evaluate the function and comfort of the muscles first. Read more about TMJ disorder and TMJ non-surgical pain therapy in Springfield.

Dr. Randi Green is sought after throughout Missouri and the Midwest and has over 1,000 hours of advanced, hands-on, continuing training. She has helped many alleviate and eliminate their TMJ pain and symptoms with successful treatment with physiologic dentistry.

Discover TMJ Treatment Options
"My patients are my top priority. They are treated like VIPs. I rarely see more than one patient at a time as I truly wish to give each person I see my undivided attention."

Dr. Randi Green

Our Testimonials

Dr. Green and her smile team

Individualized whole-Health dentistry for you and your family

Springfield dentist, Dr. Randi Green and her Smile Team provide care that goes beyond teeth.

Including specific advanced training in Cosmetic Dentistry, TMJ Therapy, full-mouth porcelain restoration, porcelain veneers, denture implants, New You Cosmetic Dentures, Invisalign and Accelerated Invisalign, and Sleep Dentistry to treat obstructive sleep apnea.

Jayne's smile story

Rick was tired of hiding his smile behind his lips beard. He now has a smile to match his personality with advanced cosmetics.

Selina's smile story

Carl had broken and decayed teeth. He wanted to achieve better oral health along with a fuller smile through cosmetic dentistry.

Jon's smile story

Dr. Randi Green and the smile team helped James revive his vibrant smile with cosmetic dentistry and now he grins from ear-to-ear.

Pat's smile story

Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Randi Green and the smile team helped Retha smile with confidence and custom porcelain restorations.

Expert in dentistry

There are many dentists with smile in their name, but there is only one Smile Doctor.

Take the next step toward premier 1-on-1 care with Springfield, MO, dentist Dr. Randi Green and her smile team. Our dental practice is not like any other you've ever visited. We want to know you and your expectations. We are here to help you meet your oral health goals and help you discover a healthy smile for a well-balanced life.

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