Dentistry on Roller Skates

Our Springfield, MO dentist provides patients seeking the best care by not running from room to room.

It's a joke among dentists, including some dentists in Springfield, that they often practice on roller skates. If you asked any patient about this, they might look at you funny, but then when given time to think, be able to relay a story about sitting in the dental chair for two hours to get a simple filling done.

They will tell you about how the dentist was only in the room for about 20 minutes and might not have even introduced themselves.

They will also tell you about how many times the dentist had to get up to do something with another patient. This is known as practicing on roller skates - a method where the office staff and assistants push the dentist from room to room to see as many patients as possible in a day.

These are usually insurance driven practices that accept the lower negotiated fees of insurance companies to keep their schedule full. They must operate on a high volume basis to overcome the low fees they must accept because they have contracted with the insurance companies. 

"I have created a practice where I don’t need roller skates — I have the time to get to know my patients and really understand what they are looking for from their dentist."

By doing so, I have created a dental practice in Springfield where I don’t need roller skates - I have the time to get to know my patients and understand what they are looking for from their dental care.

Roller skates were never for me, even as I child. I was always careful and very sure that trusting myself on roller skates would end in disaster. I see practicing dentistry on roller skates in the same light.

I feel that to honor the education I have received and the oath that I took upon receiving my license and degree, I must do my best work on every patient, and this involves taking my time.

Our Springfield dental office takes time from the beginning and get to know every patient, their story, their condition to make sure we have looked at their treatment from every angle.

This time and attention does not end at that first appointment. We take our time when doing treatment to ensure that every patient gets our best and our full attention.

I think practicing on roller skates will be the downfall of dentistry just as it has already become the downfall of medicine.

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