Can You Treat TMJ Pain Without Surgery?

Yes! In fact, for most patients, TMJ pain can be alleviated or eliminated without surgery. If you have been told otherwise it might be wise to keep reading.

Dr. Randi Green and her smile team start by listening to your concerns as you describe your issues with TMJ, headaches, and facial pain.

The first step for a guest seeking physiologic treatment would begin with a 3D X-ray, diagnostic photos, and a meeting with Dr. Green and her team for a comprehensive exam to determine a TMD diagnosis.

Dr. Green and her team will perform a comprehensive dental and TMJ exam to determine your candidacy for non-surgical TMD treatment and can usually provide a diagnosis at the first visit.

The 3D X-ray taken at your first visit is also sent to a board-certified radiologist for a full report showing you all the findings.

Many people with TMD believe the only solution is surgery. Surgery is NOT the only solution for TMD or TMJ disorder. TMJ surgery can be successful in some instances, but it does not address the physiology and function of the teeth, muscles, and jaw joints working in harmony. Dr. Green's non-surgical TMJ therapy is sought after by many in the Midwest before patients resort to expensive and traumatic surgical intervention.

Dr. Green and Dr. Moore use 3D X-Ray with Planmeca Viso G5

Dr. Green utilizes gentle touch during your examination and will explain each step in friendly terms when she evaluates your muscles.

In addition, her Smile Team will be with you at every step and make every effort to provide exceptional care to treat your TMD and TMJ pain without surgery or medication.

Dr. Green is a whole-health dentist and will first recommend medication-free techniques to ease and manage your TMJ pain.

She and her dental team will additionally discuss all potential non-surgical solutions to address the underlying cause of your pain.

Non-surgical treatment could include wearing a custom-made appliance, a physiologic orthotic, for several weeks to show you at each visit how she can help improve your symptoms.

Precise jaw tracking measurements evaluate and determine a healthy range of jaw motion.
Image from BioResearch

We will make your custom orthotic using sophisticated jaw tracking equipment to prove that a new bite position could alleviate or eliminate TMJ pain and symptoms.

With this scientific data, Dr. Green does not guess where your bite works optimally. She and her team measure at each visit and provide detailed analysis and pinpoint data from your jaws, muscles, and teeth to ensure results.

The Smile Doctor team involves you at each step during Phase 1 treatment, hopefully leading to a pain-free life so you not only feel but see the outcome at each visit.  

One of the most important aspects is measuring EMGs which determine the health of your muscles. Facial and neck muscles are usually the culprit when there is a bite misalignment. Image from BioResearch

After this bite test drive, also called Phase 1, the following steps to a successful full Phase 2 could involve more precise work, such as physiologic orthodontics, a full-mouth restoration, or restorative dentistry to restore harmony to your bite for long-lasting results.

Dr. Randi Green's full-mouth reconstruction option with 100% custom-designed porcelain restorations is a fast way to a functional and gorgeous smile.

Do you have frequent migraines or tension headaches?

Migraine headaches and pain can negatively impact every facet of your life. Health problems related to TMD could be triggering recurring migraines or tension headaches.

What happens when your headaches don't respond well to medication?

You may struggle to find relief and bounce from solution to solution or provider to provider when there is a physiologic result that can be highly successful for most people seeking help.

Dysfunction of your facial muscles may be a surprising explanation for your headaches.

At Smile Doctor, Dr. Randi Green looks at the root cause to help her patients alleviate or eliminate chronic headaches by evaluating and treating TMJ disorder without medication or surgery.

How do I find a TMJ Dentist nearby?

Treating TMJ pain and symptoms effectively requires advanced training beyond the primary dental school curriculum.

TMJ dentist Dr. Randi Green receives continual advanced training in physiologic-based dentistry. She is an IAPA board member and IAPA Fellow, an active LVI Fellow, and with her extensive knowledge about the mouth-body connection, she treats her guests with a high success rate.

She is also a trained Breathe Institute doctor and can assess tethered oral tissues such as tongue ties and lip ties that can affect how the muscles interact with the jaws and ultimately affect the airway.

See her blog on the importance of jaw growth and development that starts during childhood development.

Dr. Green treats patients from across the 417-area and all through the Midwest, including every state that borders Missouri. Her passion and aim are to help her guests avoid surgery and return them to a better quality of life.

Many patients choose Dr. Green to help alleviate or eliminate migraine pain, neck pain, and TMJ pain. After hearing how she successfully helps others through her Google Reviews and through her network of referring doctors and dentists that entrust their patient's care with her TMJ expertise.

Other medical professionals, oral surgeons, and surgical specialists refer their patients to Dr. Randi Green for non-surgical treatment because of her high success rate for successfully treating TMJ pain without surgical intervention.

Please see our TMJ treatment page for more content, videos, success stories, and insights from Dr. Green.

Read more about Dr. Green’s sophisticated jaw tracking tools and software. She utilizes many innovative technologies to establish a link between TMJ disorder and headaches.

Are you ready for relief from headaches?

Call or text a concierge to reserve a TMJ evaluation with Dr. Randi Green or request an appointment online to determine your candidacy for non-surgical care.

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