Non-Surgical TMJ Treatment Technologies

Do you have TMJ pain? Imagine feeling better without surgery. At Dr. Green's office, they use remarkable technology to make TMJ care better and, in most cases, predictable! Let's learn about these non-surgical treatments that can help you live a better quality of life.

Planmeca Viso G5 3D X-ray: Exploring with Depth

Now, let's talk about the Planmeca Viso G5 3D X-ray. This high-tech machine takes pictures of your jaw from all angles, from your eyebrows to the top of your spine. It's like having a map of your jaw and facial structures. This technology helps Dr. Green plan TMJ treatments with even more precision. She also works with board-certified radiologists to provide a total scientific report and diagnosis.

Electromyography (EMG): Muscle Magic

Let's talk about EMG – that's a big word, but it's not scary. It doesn't hurt at all. EMG checks how your jaw muscles move when you're chewing or resting. It's like a unique muscle graph. With this tool, Dr. Green plans treatments that fit you perfectly, measuring the health of your muscles.

JT-3D™: Jaw Movement Wonder

Now, let's talk about JT-3D™. This fancy headgear is like a ruler for your jaw. It helps us see how your jaw moves, where it is, and how fast it goes. We used specialized materials with fast computers to make it super accurate. This tool's data and visual output help Dr. Green understand your jaw like never before.

M-SCAN™: Quick Muscle Check

Meet M-SCAN™, a small tool that checks your facial muscles. It's easy and fast. We can see if your muscles work the same on both sides of your face. Plus, we know how your treatments are going, and it doesn't hurt.

ULF TENS: Muscle Relax Magic

ULF TENS sounds fancy, but it's relaxing. We put patches on your face that send gentle signals to tired muscles. This relaxing treatment makes your muscles feel better, and your blood flow improves. What sets Dr. Green apart is that she uses TENS at every visit to ensure optimal bite. =

T-SCAN Occlusal Analysis: Fixing Your Bite

T-SCAN occlusal analysis. A sound bite is essential for long-term stability. T-SCAN is a digital bite force showing how your teeth come together. This way, we ensure your bite is perfect, stopping more problems later.

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