Roller-Skate Dentistry and Your Dental Experience

Why Choose Dr. Green as Your Dentist? Your Time Matters

In dentistry, it's all too common to feel like just another number in a crowded waiting room, watching the clock tick away as you wonder when your turn will come. At our Springfield, MO dental practice, we do things differently, and here's why it matters:

1. Personalized Care: Many dental practices rush from room to room, barely pausing to introduce themselves or understand your unique needs. Dr. Randi Green takes a different approach. She believes that every patient deserves personalized attention. By getting to know you, your story, and your dental condition, we ensure that your treatment plan is tailored to your specific requirements.

2. No Roller Skates Here: The infamous "roller skate" method, where dentists dash between patients to keep up with a packed schedule, is a practice driven by insurance demands. These high-volume, roller-skate practices prioritize quantity over quality. Dr. Green, on the other hand, chooses to walk rather than skate. She believes in upholding the highest standards of care and ensuring every patient receives the attention they deserve.

3. Thorough and Thoughtful: From your first appointment, we dedicate our time and attention to comprehensively understanding your dental health. We leave no stone unturned when examining your condition and developing a treatment plan that addresses all your dental needs. Our commitment to your care doesn't end there – we take our time during treatments to ensure each patient receives the best possible care.

4. A Different Approach: Just as roller skates weren't for Dr. Green as a child, she believes practicing dentistry on roller skates isn't the way to provide quality care. In her eyes, dentistry is an art and science that requires careful attention to detail and a genuine commitment to patient well-being.

5. Resetting Expectations: We take pride in resetting your expectations of a dental visit. At our practice, you're not just a patient but part of the Smile Team family. Dr. Green and her dedicated team are passionate about delivering care beyond the ordinary.

Your time matters, and at Dr. Randi Green's dental office, we value every moment you spend with us. We're committed to ensuring your dental experience is personalized, thorough, and comfortable. Join us at Smile Team, where your smile and well-being always come first.

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