Are Cosmetic Dentures Your Best Solution?

When selecting dentures, it's essential to recognize that the level of care and attention to detail can vary. Our cosmetic denture offerings stand out as best-in-class for those seeking a premium outcome, designed with an unwavering commitment to quality and personalization.

Understanding the difference between quality cosmetic dentures and their less durable off-the-shelf counterparts is crucial for anyone visiting Dr. Green's dental practice in Springfield, Missouri, searching for the best denture solution. 

Featured Cosmetic Denture Case

Doctor notes:

Kay wasn't happy with the (before) denture made just six months before Dr. Green took over! Kay's first denture-in-a-day experience turned into a nightmare, with problem after problem. Her smile wasn't even straight with the first set and canted her smile. It wasn't until she found Dr. Green that she realized how much better and life-like a cosmetic denture can look (after) when working with a cosmetic dentist with enhanced denture design training.

Cosmetic Denture Before and After with Kay. Save yourself the hassle and start with Dr. Randi Green in Springfield.

Cosmetic Dentures, the Latest in Tooth Replacement Options

Choosing the right path for tooth replacement is a crucial decision, and for many, cosmetic dentures with Dr. Randi Green offer a compelling solution. Traditional cosmetic dentures present different advantages than implant-supported dentures, necessitating dental implants and a sufficient jawbone mass for anchorage. Here are three reasons why cosmetic dentures might be the better choice for you:

1. Natural Aesthetics:

Cosmetic dentures stand out for their ability to closely mimic natural teeth' appearance. Thanks to advances in dental technology and high-quality materials, these dentures offer a level of realism that traditional options can't match. The materials used in the design of cosmetic dentures resist staining and wear and maintain their natural-looking translucency and color over time. This attention to detail ensures that your smile feels comfortable and looks impeccably natural.

2. Bone Mass Preservation:

While implant-supported dentures stimulate the jawbone and help prevent bone loss through implants, only some have the necessary bone mass to support these implants without undergoing additional procedures like bone grafts. 

Conversely, cosmetic dentures do not require invasive surgery or a specific bone density level, making them a more accessible option for many people. They offer a practical and less invasive solution to tooth loss without compromising the overall appearance of your smile.

3. Functional Integrity:

Adapting to traditional cosmetic dentures may take some time, as it involves learning to use your cheek and tongue muscles differently. However, once accustomed, you'll find that these dentures effectively restore your ability to eat and speak. 

Unlike implant-supported dentures, which are fixed in place, cosmetic dentures provide a level of adaptability and comfort that many patients appreciate, especially those looking for a non-surgical tooth replacement option.

Cosmetic dentures offer a blend of aesthetic appeal, practicality, and functional integrity, making them a worthy consideration for those facing tooth loss. If you're seeking a solution that balances appearance with the ease of adaptation, consulting with Dr. Randi Green might illuminate the path to regaining a confident, natural-looking smile without needing implants.

Featured Cosmetic Denture Case

Doctor notes:

Rose had her previous denture for over ten years (before) and was ready for a cosmetic enhancement. She was happy with the fit and bite of the earlier set but was looking for a more brilliant, whiter outcome, paying attention to natural-looking aesthetics. Dr. Green and the team listened to her and delivered a fantastic cosmetic denture (after) she can be proud of for many years.

What are the main aspects of quality dentures to consider? 

Premium cosmetic denture quality complements your appearance. But how can you distinguish high-quality dentures from those that won't meet your needs? 

Good dentures should enable comfortable eating and clear speaking, enhance your facial features, and elevate your confidence. Like Dr. Green's cosmetically enhanced dentures, quality dentures typically last 5 to 10 years or more and represent a significant investment in your well-being. 

Despite this, the allure of cheaper, quicker options persists for many.

It's essential to recognize that different denture qualities serve various purposes. While more affordable dentures can be viable for meeting immediate needs, such as temporary replacements following tooth extractions, they're temporary. Immediate dentures act as a provisional solution during the healing process, paving the way for a transition to superior-quality dentures tailored to you.

Getting your dentures on the same day can be tempting, but be aware. If you had teeth out recently, your bone and tissues will swell and then contract a few months later, leaving you with an ill-fitting, paperweight denture. That's why we always plan for two sets: one set of dentures throughout the healing process and a final cosmetic set once the bone and tissue have healed appropriately. 

Ask this, too: are your follow-up visits included?

Sometimes, there can be that one spot adjustment that needs attention. Guess what? Your in-office adjustments with Dr. Green's cosmetic dentures are included for one year.

I came to Dr. Green with multiple dental problems. They walked me thru all my options, gave me a choice on oral surgeons, and worked within my budget. I chose to go with Dr. Green's New You Dentures. I couldn't be happier. I am finally getting back the smile I had when I was younger, not only am I looking better, I feel better physically now that I'm in my new dentures. Kristain was very helpful and encouraging with me, as I've always had a fear when it comes to dental work. This helped put my nerves at ease with the process. I'm impressed with Dr. Green's advanced education and going the distance to keep up on the latest advancements in dental care. It shows at every turn in the atmosphere of the office and the care you receive. I would highly recommend, everyone I've come in contact with has been supportive, encouraging, and you truly feel they have your best interest and health at heart. I can't thank them enough!
Misty O. via Google ★★★★★

Why don't we offer cheap dentures?

There are better decisions than going for the cheapest option when choosing dentures. Here's why: Some places offer dentures at a lower cost by sending the work to a dental lab that uses the cheapest materials to keep prices down. This "cost savings" could mean the dentures you get might not be as durable, with a higher chance of breaking or cracking. 

These labs and clinics might even mass-produce small, medium, large, and extra-large templated dentures and try to reline them to fit your mouth. For most, these might not look natural because they often come in limited gum colors, making them stand out more as false teeth or, as some say, "horse teeth."

Also, cheaper dentures might not fit as well because they can shrink more than others, affecting how they feel and work in your mouth. Adjusting them to fit better might cost extra, leading to discomfort or even needing new dentures much sooner than expected.

In short, while saving money upfront might seem appealing, the potential issues with cheaper dentures, like poor fit and the need for replacements, could mean spending more in the long run.

What's the difference in high-quality cosmetic dentures?

Opting for high-quality dentures is vital for your comfort and smile; your dentist's expertise plays a significant role in this step. Some dentists might estimate where to place teeth, but Dr. Randi Green uses advanced bite-taking technology. This step ensures that your dentures have optimal fit but will also complement your facial features, providing a natural look and feel and revitalizing facial structure.

Our Springfield, Missouri, dental practice specializes in crafting premium dentures tailored to each individual. Our dental professional has undergone extensive training in denture creation, focusing on the best fit, quality, and patient care. 

We collaborate closely with you, addressing all your dental concerns and achieving a customized design and fit.

The materials used in your dentures make a big difference. We use high-quality materials that closely mimic natural teeth' appearance, ensuring your dentures are durable and look natural. 

The gums' color carefully matches your skin tone, with unique shading and tinting for a realistic appearance. Our detailed craftsmanship allows for premium customization. Some patients even offset teeth or make them slightly imperfect, giving them the most natural results. We can design them however you like. You work directly with Dr. Green and her team to achieve your desired outcome.

Choosing the "right" denture is crucial for your confidence; let our team of experts guide you. We provide multiple fittings and follow-ups to guarantee your satisfaction with NewYou Cosmetic Dentures' comfort and aesthetic design for years. 

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