All-on-X Fixed Hybrid Bridge

Implant-Supported Dentures and Full Arch Fixed Hybrids

Dr. Randi Green offers the All-on-4 (AOX) a groundbreaking approach to implant denture solutions. This method, supported by four, six, or more implants, can replace all teeth in both the upper and lower jaw with durable zirconia, ensuring you regain your smile swiftly with minimized discomfort and treatment duration.

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A zirconia fixed hybrid with implants provides peace of mind and 100% design customization.

Choose Dr. Randi Green: The Implant Denture Expert

For those seeking a high-quality, durable teeth replacement solution, Dr. Randi Green stands out with her expertise in all-on-x zirconia implant-supported dentures.

Top 3 reasons to opt for Dr. Green's expertise:

  1. Customized Fit & Design: Dr. Green crafts implant-supported dentures from zirconia that are tailored to fit seamlessly, providing a naturally radiant and confident smile tailored to your unique lifestyle.
  2. Beyond Traditional Dentures: Unlike regular dentures that can cause discomfort, Dr. Green's zirconia implant-supported solutions ensure maximum comfort and longevity.
  3. Versatile Options: Whether you're looking to replace individual teeth, multiple teeth, or an entire arch, Dr. Green offers a range of cutting-edge solutions, from snap-on dentures to full-arch zirconia bridges.

Invest in your smile's future with Dr. Green's top-notch full arch fixed hybrid implant denture solutions, ensuring confidence with every smile.

Dr. Green’s implant dentures and bridges are different.

At Springfield Smile Doctor, implant-supported fixed hybrids are custom-made for each patient taking their mouth and needs into account.

Our cosmetic dentures revive the lost art of denture making and are handcrafted by master technicians for the best possible result.

By combining aesthetic training with advanced bridge and denture building techniques and technologies, a New You Dentures™ highly-trained dentist, Dr. Randi Green, can often achieve dramatic, life-changing results.

Full arch fixed hybrid zirconia and snap-on implant dentures are the best fitting teeth replacement options.

Dr. Green uses precise methods to find your physiologic bite. She uses accurate measurements and ensures the facial muscles are "happy" with the placement and alignment of your new teeth.

See Kate’s story above about why finding the correct bite with balanced facial muscles is an important step to ensure long-lasting results.

Do you know someone, or are you unhappy with traditional-style dentures?

Yeah, we hear that a lot too.

A better implant-supported denture or hybrid zirconia bridge solution awaits you. These are custom-made to our guest’s anatomy for optimal fit and function. We are here to listen and provide all options to help you smile with confidence.

Implant dentures before and after

Zirconia is the Strongest, Most Lustrous Implant-Supported Denture Available

Zirconia is the strongest ceramic material available for dentists that is biocompatible. Zirconia is ten times stronger than our natural teeth enamel. When correctly restored, it can last decades. It’s almost fracture-resistant and can be customized by a highly-trained dentist and dental lab.

All-on-X Zirconia (AOX) Fixed Hybrid Teeth Replacement Solutions Near You

Choose the best customized implant-supported solution for full-arch teeth replacement for your lifestyle

  • Durability: Zirconia is solid and resistant to wear, ensuring the prosthesis lasts long.
  • Aesthetics: Zirconia provides a natural and attractive appearance, mimicking the look of natural teeth.
  • Biocompatibility: Zirconia is well-tolerated by the body, reducing the risk of allergic reactions or rejection.
  • Comfort: Zirconia fixed hybrids offer a comfortable fit and improved oral function, enhancing your quality of life.

What are implant-supported dentures?

AOX fixed hybrids are implant anchored dentures custom-designed full-arch tooth replacements milled from monolithic zirconium and nano-ceramic materials.

These are the best, strongest materials available for implant dentures.

Our highly-trained and award-winning cosmetic dentist, Dr. Randi Green, works with Bob Williams and her team of lab experts for custom smile design and stunning smile makeover transformations.

Check out one of our top labs and the Williams Dental Lab Instagram account to see a preview of the beautiful ceramic craftsmanship for a sneak peek at what Dr. Green can do for you. While looking at Instagram, check out Dr. Green’s smile makeover cases @sgfsmiledoctor.

Dr. Green works with her master ceramists to precise specifications and mill custom monolithic zirconium to provide the most life-life quality available for those looking to replace a full arch of teeth.

This zirconia bridge is typically secured to 4-6 implants on the upper arch and 4 or more on the lower arch to return maximum comfort, fit, and function.

AOX and Implant Supported Denture Benefits

  • No sticky or messy adhesives
  • Locked into place with no "slippage"
  • No rubbing against the gums
  • 100% custom milled zirconia (available)
  • Titanium bar for maximum stability
  • Palate-less dentures with strong stability
  • You don't have to clean them, we do.
  • Restores more natural chewing ability
  • It's like getting a facelift from a dentist

In 20 years, imagine having the option to keep your teeth intact through full mouth reconstruction with porcelain or explore the remarkable benefits of milled zirconium for tooth replacement.

Dr. Green can even provide an implant denture that restores your smile and enhances facial volume for a rejuvenated appearance, offering a comprehensive solution for a better future.

  1. Full Arch Fixed Bridges (zirconium), implant-secured “snap-on,” and, New You Dentures; Cosmetic Dentures made by Dr. Randi Green at Springfield Smile Doctor provide more attractive, natural smiles.
  2. Dr. Green takes a physiologic and cosmetic approach to restoration that will allow you to maintain optimum muscle relaxation, bite, and function. This path translates directly into the appearance of your best-looking and performing bridges and dentures.
  3. Our full-fixed arch, snap-on, and cosmetic denture wearers get great facial support that eliminates the ‘sunken-in’ look; some call it a non-surgical facelift from a dentist.
  4. Custom implant dentures look and feel better. Some of our patient reviews say New You Implant Dentures help them look 10, 15, or even 20 years younger.

See Dr. Green’s answers to her most frequently asked questions about tooth replacement options, including full-arch fixed bridge, snap-in dentures, and cosmetically enhanced New You Dentures.

Which Implant-Supported Denture is the Best Choice For Me?

Full Arch Fixed Zirconia Bridge (AOX)

Dr. Green's custom-designed full-arch fixed zirconium bridge, supported by 4, 5, or 6 or more implants, ensures stability, confidence, and brilliant smiles. This top-tier dental implant solution offers optimal chewing efficiency and a unique smile.

Crafted from high-quality zirconia, it represents the pinnacle of customization in dental bridges. Milled from zirconium, fixed hybrids are an advanced choice for Springfield denture patients, delivering stability for essential functions like eating, speaking, and laughing.

Unlike traditional dentures, these All-on-four style dentures affix to implant abutments, offering convenience and functionality with in-office removal and professional cleaning.

Snap-On (Implant-Secured) Cosmetic Dentures

Dr. Green's Snap-On Implant-Secured New You Dentures offer the convenience of removable lower arch dentures. These palate-less dentures securely "snap" onto the dental implants using special housings that sit over the O-ball, ensuring a strong anchor and comfortable bite.

The ability to snap them off and on the implants makes daily cleaning hassle-free, providing both convenience and stability.

How much are Implant Dentures?

Implant-supported dentures and bridges are custom-made and more expensive than conventional dentures with many patients describing the results as ‘priceless’.

Dr. Green has over one thousand hours of advanced training beyond dental school and sees many “redos” of ill-fitting, dentures and bridges in our area.

Think of it this way, if you are on a budget can you really afford to do it wrong? Get the smile you want and deserve the first time with the Smile Doctor.

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I'm dedicated to empowering every patient with the confidence they deserve by demystifying the dental journey—providing complete transparency about treatment options, costs, and details upfront. No matter your dental concerns, my team and I are here to serve and guide you toward the best solution when you enter my practice. —Dr. Randi Green






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