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Top Springfield Dentist for Ten Years in a Row

Top Dentist Dr. Randi Green is again named one of Springfield’s best dentists for a tenth consecutive year and certified by her peers through Top Dentists and 417 Magazine. Dr. Green is an advanced general dentist who knows you deserve the best dental healthcare.

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea and the Importance of Sleep Testing

Sleep apnea and snoring solutions with Dr. Randi Green, Springfield's premier sleep dentist. Personalized sleep appliance treatment and easy take-home sleep tests. Experience improved sleep and health in Springfield, MO. Schedule your consultation today.


Can You Use Invisalign with Missing Teeth?

Discover how Invisalign, the discreet orthodontic solution, can work wonders for your smile, even if you're missing teeth. Learn how experienced dentists like Dr. Green can customize treatment plans, including dental pontics, to address alignment and maintain space for missing teeth. Don't let gaps hold you back—embrace the journey to a more confident smile today!

TMJ Pain Treatment & Therapy

Understanding TMJ Disorder: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Are you facing discomfort in your jaw, frequent headaches, or even unexplained ringing in your ears? These could be signs of TMJ disorder, which affects your jaw functions. Simply put, your jaw joint, known as TMJ, might not be working correctly. Dr. Randi Green, an expert in Springfield, Missouri, can guide you through understanding TMJ disorder and finding relief.

TMJ Pain Treatment & Therapy

How a Bad Bite Affects Your Body, TMJs, and Health

Discover how your bite, jaw joint, posture, and health are linked together. Learn how a bad bite can cause problems, and discover how Dr. Randi Green helps her patients feel better.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Dentistry's Role in Sleep Apnea and Better Sleep for Springfield Residents

In Springfield, Missouri, residents facing snoring and sleep apnea can turn to Dr. Randi Green for a groundbreaking solution. Her oral appliance therapy offers a non-surgical, comfortable alternative to CPAP machines, using a custom-fitted device to ensure open airways during sleep. This innovative treatment promises better sleep and improved health, positioning Dr. Green’s practice as a critical resource for achieving sleep wellness.

TMJ Pain Treatment & Therapy

Non-Surgical TMJ Treatment Technologies

Want to know a secret? Dr. Green's office has amazing ways to fix TMJ pain without surgery. They use fancy technology that's like magic. You can say goodbye to jaw pain and hello to feeling great. Let's jump into this incredible world of TMD treatments that don't need surgery.

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