We will provide you with the best dental experience possible.
Dr. Randi Green is a General Dentist in Springfield, MO with extensive dental training.

Welcome to our Springfield dentist, Dr. Randi Green's comprehensive dental practice.

Our dental practice in Springfield, MO is probably not like any other you've ever visited.

Our dental patients are part of our extended family, and we aim to treat everyone that way. Dr. Randi Green and your Springfield, MO dental smile team will take the time to get to know you and your expectations. We can help you meet your oral health goals and provide the best possible whole health dental experience.

True comprehensive dental care

Every patient deserves to understand their oral condition and have the information on how to best achieve their oral health and aesthetic goals for a healthy smile.

An honest, caring, and respectful environment

No patient should feel shame about their oral health or feel pressured into treatment. Our job is to tell you what we see, give you options for treatment, and then let you decide what is best for you.

A comfortable, relaxing vibe

Going to the dentist can be stressful, and we strive to minimize that as much as possible. Our office environment is relaxed and quiet. We focus on one patient at a time to minimize the stress of your appointment. We have a living room, not a waiting room.


Relax in lush, air-massaging dental chairs at your visit

Get a massage at the same time while visiting Springfield Smile Doctor.

We also have many comfort items available at your dental visit. We are committed to your comfort and care and want you to be relaxed when you visit cosmetic dentist Dr. Randi Green in Springfield.

    hot towels
    plush blankets
    neck warmer
    sound machine
    complimentary beverages
    sleep masks
    nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

A timeline that suits your needs

We understand that everyone has different health goals. Some people are short on time and need their treatment completed in as few visits as possible. Others need to spread their treatment out over a longer period of time - we get that, too.  Whatever your needs, we will help you formulate an action plan that suits you.

Top-notch digital dental technology and the best dental materials

Our Springfield dentist office is locally owned and operated, so there are no corporate pockets to fill by cutting overhead at the expense of quality. Dr. Green does not use or place silver, metal mercury fillings. Read her blog about "Why Metal Mercury Dental Fillings Are A Thing of the Past."

Our Springfield dentist is mercury-free and she is dedicated to performing the highest quality dentistry. Dr. Green only places tooth-colored bonded fillings. She uses only the best dental materials, dental laboratories, expert master ceramists, and utilizes the latest digital dental technology.

3D-Xray Sirona Galileos Digtal Dental Technology at Springfield Smile Doctor helps TMJ dentist, Dr. Green see your jaw joints.
Invisalign outcome simulation available at Springfield Smile Doctor with iTero. Ask Dr. Green about your Invisalign animation.

Digital Dental Technology

  • Sirona Galileos 3D X-ray Imaging

  • Nomad hand-held imaging, low-dose cordless x-ray

  • T-Scan digital occlusal analysis that reveals the level and timing of force on individual teeth and the stability of the patient's bite

  • M-Scan that measures craniofacial muscle activity in both rest and function

  • BioPack (TMJ Muscle/EMG tracking hardware and software) provides incredibly accurate measurements in mandibular kinesiology

  • iTero Element intraoral scanner that provides real-time detailed digital impressions without the goop

"I will not put anything in a patient's mouth that I would not want in my own family's mouth."

Care that is dictated by health needs and patient goals

We believe all treatment should be driven and guided for the benefit of you and your oral health, not by the guidelines of insurance companies which are often outdated and substandard of the high-quality dental care that exists for our patients today.

We will assist you with all insurance paperwork, filing of claims, and explain all dental benefits to you in order to maximize your benefit. If you don't have any assistance from dental insurance be sure to check out Dr. Green's exclusive SmileMore Dental Savings Plan. This is a great option for patients who want the best dental care without sacrificing quality or settling for what their benefits dictate.

No hidden dental treatment fees

We make sure to fully explain all options and put them in writing so there are no surprises.

VIP care with one-on-one treatment

Our patients are part of our dental family and we aim to treat everyone that way. Dr. Green and the smile team will take the time to get to know you in one of our two private consult rooms. We want to know your expectations so we can make sure to help you meet your oral health goals and give you the best possible experience.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this office. I came to Dr. Green after having a less than ideal experience at another dental office. The entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Green takes the time to talk through exactly what happens with each procedure and she and the other members of the staff do everything to ensure you are comfortable before, during, and after your appointment. I won’t be going anywhere else!
— Megan T. via Google ★★★★★