Tooth Colored Fillings

Dental fillings can be the first step to save a tooth. In the past, dentists used dark metal fillings that could have side health effects. Dr. Green ONLY places tooth-colored fillings made of strong material that blends with your natural teeth. At our Springfield practice, these white fillings help give you a great, bright smile without metal or mercury.

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Top 3 Benefits of White Tooth-Match Colored Fillings by Dr. Randi Green

Regarding tooth-colored fillings, Dr. Green is the go-to expert in Springfield, MO, delivering unmatched precision and care with modern dental care.

  1. Superior Aesthetics and Preservation: Dr. Green's tooth-colored fillings seamlessly blend with the natural shade of your teeth. Unlike traditional fillings, the composite material ensures minimal tooth structure is removed, preserving the integrity of your tooth while ensuring an impeccable cosmetic result.
  2. Safety and Strength: Avoid potential concerns with mercury in amalgam fillings. Dr. Green's composite fillings are mercury-free and bond more robustly with your teeth. This bond fortifies the tooth and ensures the filling remains resistant to temperature changes, resulting in a long-lasting and resilient restoration.
  3. Enhanced Comfort: Choose a filling that supports your overall well-being. Patients experience reduced post-treatment sensitivity and pain with Dr. Green's composite fillings. 

With Dr. Green, embrace a future where fillings are about restoration, aesthetics, and optimal oral health.

Megan came to Dr. Randi Green and Springfield Smile Doctor after having a less-than-ideal experience at another dental office. Hear her describe her exceptional experience with Dr. Green and how different the Smile Team is from other dental office options near you offering tooth-colored, bonded fillings.

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