TMJ Pain Treatment

Mackenzi's Story

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I'm just really excited to go about my life without having something like this [TMJ] It's really amazing what you can do when you feel good.

Find the root cause of your TMJ pain, facial pain, migraine headaches, popping and clicking, and teeth grinding.

When your bite is not in sync with the muscles of your jaw, symptoms such as headaches, jaw pain, limited jaw openings, neck pain, jaw clicking, jaw popping, grinding teeth, and breakdown of the teeth can occur.

Physiologic dentistry considers the entire system that controls the positioning and function of your jaw and neck.

Physiologic or TMJ dentists that treat TMD disorder and TMJ pain use state-of-the-art computer tracking systems and other precise electronic dental instrumentation to measure facial muscles to treat TMJ pain relief.

Dr. Green has many patient successes with non-surgical TMD treatment and can help you determine if she can limit or eliminate the pain to improve your quality of life.

Traditional Dentistry is based on mechanical concepts that assume that your present bite is best for you and does not recognize the important role that muscles and joints play in dentistry.
— TMJ Dentist, Dr. Randi Green DMD, LVIF

TMJ Success Stories Come in Many Forms

See Dr. Randi Green’s recent interviews with TMJ pain patients.

Jayne was ready to give up hope and opt for TMJ surgery, but then she found Dr. Randi Green. She was embarrassed by her popping jaw from the third grade through adulthood; to now living TMJ symptom-free! See how she describes her TMJ success story with the smile team.

Not being able to kiss her husband on the cheek without jaw pain was the last straw. After finding Dr. Green to help her with TMJ pain, Courtney found success with migraine headaches in just two visits.

The onset of headaches as a teenager was one of the first indications that something was not right with our patient Mackenzi. Along with unrelenting jaw pain, she knew there had to be an answer for why her jaw and face always hurt. Mackenzi found relief with Dr. Green's non-surgical treatment with physiologic-based dentistry.

Tyler thought his aches and pains were from getting older, but after seeing Dr. Green, he realized that his TMJ-related pain was treatable. Watch his story to learn more about his experience with TMD and how Dr. Green’s treatment changed his life.

Meghan thought TMD and sleep were two separate issues and that the pain and symptoms were something she had to tough through in life. That all changed when she found Dr. Green’s non-surgical TMD and sleep treatment. See Meghan’s TMJ Success Story

Dave’s struggles with TMJ jaw pain and TMJ headaches were debilitating. He had reached his limit with temporary fixes and sought a permanent solution for his TMJ pain through complete smile rejuvenation. See Dave’s TMJ Success Story

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Are you experiencing any of the following TMJ symptoms? If so, they could be caused by TMJ dysfunction.

  • Headaches or migraines
  • TMJ pain
  • TMJ popping or clicking
  • Broken, worn or chipped teeth
  • Limited mouth opening or jaw locking
  • Ear congestion
  • Dizziness
  • Ringing or pain in the ears
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Loose Teeth
  • Clenching or grinding
  • Facial, Neck, Shoulder or Back Pain
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Chewing difficulties
  • Postural problems, vertigo, dizziness
  • Tingling of the fingertips
  • Hot & cold sensitivity of teeth
  • Nervousness or insomnia

What is my bad bite is doing to me?

What causes TMJ in the first place? This short TMJ video illustrates the concept of how Dr. Green approaches and treats TMJ disorder (TMD).

She is the only active LVI fellow practicing in Springfield, MO, and has successfully treated many patients resolving years of chronic pain through a non-surgical TMJ treatment approach.

Please watch to learn more about how a bad bite can wreak havoc on the muscles and joints!

Your teeth fit together like a puzzle — there is only one way that they fit perfectly. TMJ dentist, Dr. Green is a physiologic-based dentist that can help you find your perfect smile.

The TMJs, or jaw joints, can wreak havoc to your body when they are only slightly misaligned.

Non-Surgical TMJ Pain Treatment of TMD disorder symptoms in Springfield, MO

Clenching and teeth grinding can make things worse by placing stress on the jaw joints causing inflammation.

Your facial muscles can even become torqued and strained while trying to hold the jaw in the position necessary for everyday functions such as chewing and swallowing.

Severe facial pain and migraine headaches can be treated by bringing your jaw joints, muscles and teeth into harmony.

Dr. Green helps patients answer these posture-related questions with physiologic dentistry. Whole health dentistry with Dr. Randi Green factors in the mouth and body connection.

What is forward head posture (FHP)?

  • What is forward head posture (FHP)?
  • Can you correct forward head posture (FHP)?
  • Can you improve bad sitting and standing posture?
  • Why is my head in front of my shoulders?
When the body is in improper posture that can affect the position of how teeth bite together.
When the body is in improper posture that can affect the position of how teeth bite together.

The effects of TMD can trickle down the rest of the body affecting posture.

These postural effects can cause skeletal changes over time like rotations of the vertebrae, loss of curvature in the neck, forward head posture, a tilted pelvis, and tight calf muscles to name a few symptoms.

TMJ dentist, Doctor Randi Green approaches dentistry with a whole-health philosophy. In addition to beautiful, straight teeth, Dr. Green can also treat forward head posture and jaw area. Achieving optimal health may include treating gum disease, scr…
TMJ dentist, Doctor Randi Green approaches dentistry with a whole-health philosophy. In addition to beautiful, straight teeth, Dr. Green can also treat forward head posture and jaw area. Achieving optimal health may include treating gum disease, screening for sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and sleep bruxism, and provide patients with ideal oral health for a better quality of life.

Is bad posture related to TMJ neck pain?

The torque and strain in your facial muscles oftentimes lead you to change your posture to compensate.

This posture change can lead to an increase of stress and strain in the head, neck, and back muscles leading to pain and dysfunction in these areas of the body.

With the use of smartphones and tablets, "text neck" also referred to as "tech neck" issues are becoming more prevalent.

Any activity that places added pressure on your neck, such as looking down at a smartphone for long periods of time, can exacerbate TMJ pain symptoms and can cause further posture issues.

TMJ disorder is common and can often go undiagnosed. TMJ dentist, Dr. Green, with advanced physiologic TMJ training, screens every patient for (TMD) temporomandibular joint disorders.

TMD symptoms can often present with no pain with the only signs being breaking, chipping, or worn teeth.

If Dr. Green determines in her exam that TMJ dysfunction exists, then she will help formulate a non-surgical treatment plan to help relieve your pain.

Treating TMJ Pain and Symptoms with Dr. Green

Your personalized TMJ treatment plan often includes two phases of TMJ treatment—the first phase (Phase I) is a reversible therapy and consists of an oral appliance sometimes referred to as a neuromuscular orthotic or physiologic orthotic.

This custom-made orthotic helps align your jaw joint to its proper physiologic position. Dr. Green uses techniques to relax the jaw muscles that help find your optimal position.

There are many treatment options for the second phase (Phase II) of Dr. Green's TMJ treatment. She will review which options are best suited for your situation.

Your smile team concierge will facilitate and help answer any questions along the way including how we work with insurance and what financial options meet your goals for treatment.

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