Physiologic Orthodontics

Are you struggling with bite issues? Dr. Green's Physiologic Orthodontics in Springfield can fix underbites and overbites without surgery, focusing on healthy jaw joints, nasal breathing, posture, and facial beauty. Achieve a stunning smile with a proactive, whole-health approach!

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Physiologic Orthodontics can often correct underbites, overbites, and cross bites without expensive and risky jaw surgery.

What is physiologic orthodontics?

Physiologic orthodontics, an evolution of physiologic dentistry, dives deep into the relationship between the teeth, jaw joints (TMJs), and the muscles that keep them in place. Dr. Green's approach ensures these elements are in sync, offering health, balance, beauty, and plenty of room for straight teeth. When they're aligned, your oral system operates effortlessly and painlessly.

For years, dental bite problems like underbites, overbites, and cross bites were hard to fix in adults. Often, expensive and risky jaw surgeries were the only option.

Maxillofacial TMJ jaw surgery often requires braces to align the bite before and after the surgery. Treatment and jaw surgery to correct the bite could be painful for years. Going under the knife means going to sleep with anesthesia, and the surgeon will make cuts to reach and fix your jaw. It's an invasive process that involves cutting through muscle.

Fortunately, dentistry is constantly advancing, and a non-surgical jaw correction option now exists. 

Trouble with an underdeveloped jaw

An underdeveloped jaw can lead to breathing issues and other problems. For example, kids with small jaws often breathe through their mouths, leading to long-term health concerns like TMJ, sleep-disordered breathing, and crooked teeth. A small jaw can also result in a weak chin, mouth breathing, and issues like overbites and underbites.Our innovative techniques offer a less risky and more comfortable alternative to traditional jaw surgery.

How is physiologic orthodontics different from traditional orthodontics?

Physiologic orthodontics starts with what we call the "big three." The big three are nasal breathing, lip seal, and proper tongue posture.

When those three things are not in place during the growth and development of the jaws, disharmonies and imbalances in the craniofacial structure can result.

We utilize an orthodontic technique called physiologic orthodontics that can correct some disharmonies that form during growth and development when the big three are interrupted.

When those big three were interrupted during growth and development, we commonly see patients with a top jaw that is too small and a bottom jaw that is too small, or maybe a top jaw that's set back, a bottom jaw that's overgrown; standard terms for these things are underbites and overbites.

Our physiologic orthodontic therapy allows us to develop the top jaw to the proper size, which frees up our ability to get the bottom jaw in a nice, relaxed physiologic bite position.

What can I expect from physiologic orthodontic treatment?

Physiologic orthodontics and myofunctional therapy allow our patients to re-establish the big three in proper working order as alternatives to jaw surgery.

  • Restore Nasal Breathing
  • Improve Lip Seal
  • Improve Oral Posture
  • Your teeth are along for the "the ride"

Remember, with all medical and dental treatment, individual results may vary. Talk to a qualified doctor like Dr. Randi Green to determine candidacy for treatment.

Tongue and Lip Tie Assessment

We perform a tethered oral tissue, including tongue-tie evaluation, for new patients to determine if tongue- or lip-tie may be present and leading to restrictive movement.

Physiologic orthodontics, especially for adult patients, opens up a new avenue for those seeking jaw alignment without surgery.

Physiologic orthodontics can correct bite issues from an underdeveloped top jaw, TMJ pain, facial pain, bad posture, headaches, migraines, decreased airway volume, sleep apnea, and reduce premature facial aging.

Myofunctional Therapy

Dr. Randi Green offers myofunctional therapy, a training program for the face, mouth, and tongue muscles. The benefits of treatment can include enhanced talking, eating, and breathing abilities, and this therapy is backed by research, especially for treating sleep-disordered breathing.

Is Physiologic Orthodontics Right For You? 

Take action with a comprehensive evaluation with Dr. Randi Green.

Physiologic dentistry works with the patient's physiology to correct the underlying issues that caused a bad dental bite in the first place. Read more from Dr. Green about why many of us have bite problems and dental crowding.

How do you fix a crooked jaw without surgery? 

People with bite issues from an underdeveloped top jaw can have TMJ pain, facial pain, bad posture, headaches, migraines, decreased airway volume, sleep apnea, and premature facial aging.

Physiologic orthodontic treatment with Dr. Randi Green can correct a bad dental bite, help you return from mouth breathing to proper nasal breathing, improve your posture, and decrease or eliminate pain from the TMJ and facial muscles.

These physiologic orthodontic techniques can drastically improve sunken faces, enhance facial volume to minimize the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, improve the presence of a weak chin, and sometimes decrease neck fat (affectionately known as "turkey neck").

Why Choose The Smile Doctor, Dr. Randi Green?

Dr. Green has advanced training to understand the complex interactions between your teeth, bones, muscles, nerves, and airway. This understanding is critical in helping to restore the proper harmony among your facial tissues that can revitalize your facial appearance through non-surgical techniques.

Dr. Randi Green in Springfield is Missouri’s only active Fellow of the Las Vegas Institute. She regularly trains in the latest physiologic dentistry techniques and scientific advances at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies bring back knowledge to strengthen her community.

She has helped many people in Springfield, MO, from the Midwest and the United States find answers to pain relief and achieve healthy, attractive smiles.

To learn more about physiologic orthodontics and see if you are a candidate for jaw surgery alternatives, please contact the Springfield Smile Doctor team by calling (417) 887-5155 today.

Dr. Green's consenting patients are willing to share their journeys and exceptional outcomes to avoid tooth extraction and jaw surgery. Please do not take this lightly, and do not take anything we discuss on this page as medical advice; it's not. These have been our patients' unique experiences with Dr. Randi Green. 

You must be determined a healthy candidate by complete examination to start treatment with Dr. Green in Missouri for physiologic orthodontics, implants, porcelain restorations, or any dental work to reach your desired outcome.

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March 25, 2019

Why see an LVI dentist for non-surgical jaw development?

Dr. Green and her team are the absolute best. I went to so many doctors for my severe TMJ issues. She spent quite a bit of time reviewing my issues and created a unique plan to FIX my jaw WITHOUT surgery. She spent a considerable amount of time carving out a path to health that no other doctor had done before. Her office is inviting and comfortable and her team is absolutely exceptional. Don't be nervous. Get excited to be out of pain and to have a whole new experience with their care team that you never have had before! I've recommended several people to her and will continue to do so. THANK YOU, DR. GREEN!
Our Patient Jayne

Jayne's smile story

Jayne was ready to give up hope and opt for TMJ surgery, but then she found Dr. Randi Green. She was embarrassed by her popping jaw from the third grade through adulthood to now living TMJ symptom-free after non-surgical TMJ treatment. See how she describes her TMJ success story and experience with Dr. Green and the smile team.

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