Dave's TMJ Full Mouth Restoration Smile Story
Dave before TMJ treatment and cosmetic dental restoration.

Dave had severe TMJ pain and symptoms. He had reached his limit with temporary fixes and sought a permanent solution for his TMJ pain.

Dr. Randi Green helped Dave through TMJ pain treatment and relieved him of debilitating jaw pain and TMJ symptoms with a complete smile makeover.

Dave Before TMJ/Cosmetic Treatment

Dave Before TMJ/Cosmetic Treatment

Dave After TMJ/Cosmetic Treatment

Dave After TMJ/Cosmetic Treatment


Daniel - Welcome and thank you for sharing your smile story with us today. Tell us about yourself, Dave.

Dave - I’m married and have four kids. I’m also the co-founder of Convoy of Hope that does relief and disaster relief around the world.

Daniel - You must interact with a lot of people face to face on a daily basis?

Dave - I’m face-to-face with our partners, donors, and I also speak at churches and other venues to share the vision of Convoy and how people can help.

Daniel - Talk to me about the specific moment you realized that you had a problem and sought help for your TMJ pain symptoms

Dave - I started getting popping in my jaw that increased over time. The pain also increased and then some dizziness and that dizziness led to some nausea. I had sought out professional help from another dentist and he was not able to help. It was only a temporary fix. I was at a place where I had pretty much given up hope. Who am I going to find, especially in this community, that has the expertise to deal with what is a severe TMJ disorder? Through Google search and reading reviews I found TMJ dentist Dr. Green.

Daniel - What are some of the emotions you were going through on a daily basis. Tell me more about the TMJ pain you felt?

Dave - The pain was debilitating at times. The pressure that was causing on my jaw was leading to dizziness and from the dizziness as I mentioned nausea. There were days where it was hard for me to even get out of bed.

Dave - This is an example of how what would seem to a situation that had gone bad to worse. Another doctor, well-meaning, gave me a splint that I would wear at night and throughout the day the TMJ symptoms would return. So, obviously, it was a temporary fix. Well, one day I made the mistake of putting my removable splint on a tissue and it ended up in the garbage. It was gone! It was going to take them two weeks to make another one so the TMJ symptoms really got bad. That is what caused me to start looking for a permanent solution and that is what led to meeting Dr. Green.

Daniel - What do remember about your first appointment with TMJ dentist Dr. Green?

Dave - My wife walked me in and I pretty much shuffled in. I had lost a lot of weight. I had lost over thirty pounds. I could hardly open my mouth. I was dizzy I had a lot of despondence. Again I had been to so many places and had not found a solution so I wondered if this would be just another stop or would they really be able to help me.

"I’ll never forget I was sitting in the chair and Dr. Green looked at me and she said, We’re gonna fix you.”

Daniel - How would you say Dr. Green and her smile team are different than other dentists?

Dave - First of all, they are very warm, personable, professional. I really appreciated how they diagnosed the problem. They carefully and clearly walked me through the TMJ treatment process and we sat down and walked through the solutions. They gave me not only a good idea of the cost but also how long it was going to take and so there were no surprises. This is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with any doctor.

Daniel - How has fixing your TMJ symptoms and your new smile affected your life and your career?

Dave - First of all, without correcting the TMJ, I would have been so debilitated and limited to what I do to help the poor in America and around the world. As a result of Dr. Green and her team, I am able to do my job more effectively and having a new smile — I get a lot of compliments that I didn’t get before. In fact when somebody says “Hey I love your smile” I have to do a double take. I’m just so grateful.

Daniel - What else would like to say about Dr. Green and her staff and how you felt during TMJ treatment?

Dave - First of all there are a lot of people watching that think their situation is hopeless. Because they have tried everything. I think there are a lot of people like me who had lost hope. They had tried so many other ways to get help and it’s resulted in a dead end. I can tell you that this is one of the best decisions I have ever made!

My family and I could not be more grateful to Dr. Green and her team!


Dave's Custom Smile Notes

Paying attention to each step and detail taught to me by LVI instructor Bill Wade was paramount in our TMJ pain relief success. Dave worked with a specialist during his Phase I therapy to help taper off the medications. He was medication-free before the start of his full mouth smile makeover reconstruction.

We inserted a beautiful full mouth of porcelain on Dave in January. I work directly with Aurum Ceramic, a world-renowned lab that provided the beautiful porcelain restorations. We created a natural smile makeover design that maintained our physiologic bite position. Dave remains TMJ pain-free and completely free of the ineffective medications. By helping this one patient, my team and I were also able to indirectly help thousands across the globe.

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