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Snap-on implant dentures securely click into place without adhesives, designed to attach to dental implants in the jawbone. Enjoy worry-free smiles, laughter, and meals without denture movement.

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Choose Dr. Randi Green: Springfield MO's Leading Snap-On Denture Expert

Considering snap-on implant dentures? Dr. Randi Green stands out as the expert choice in Springfield, MO, offering secure and confidence-boosting dental solutions.

Top 3 reasons to opt for Dr. Green's expertise:

  1. Precision Customization: Dr. Green offers tailored snap-on implant dentures that lock into place seamlessly, ensuring a perfect fit without the need for adhesives.
  2. Stability & Confidence: Leveraging advanced dental implant techniques, her snap-on dentures ensure your teeth stay in place while you talk, laugh, or eat, allowing you to interact with confidence.
  3. Experience & Reputation: As the leading name in Springfield for snap-on dentures, Dr. Green brings unparalleled expertise and commitment to every patient's smile.

Rediscover the joy of a secure, worry-free smile with Dr. Green's exceptional snap-on denture solutions.

Snap-On Dentures vs. All-On-4 Solutions

At New You Cosmetic Dentures, we offer two amazing options to give you a radiant smile with the help of dental implants. Dr. Green, our expert dentist, customizes your treatment to suit your needs and preferences, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.

All-On-4 Implant-Supported Cosmetic Dentures: Imagine having a beautiful smile that's permanently in place. With All-On-4, Dr. Green attaches a fixed bridge to four or more dental implants. This creates a stable foundation for your denture, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile confidently. This style is ideal for those seeking a full-mouth tooth replacement with efficient chewing power and a uniquely dazzling smile. The zirconia bridge, meticulously designed by Dr. Green, is both strong and beautiful, offering unparalleled customization compared to acrylic-wrapped options. You'll regain your ability to enjoy life without worrying about removing your denture – Dr. Green's expertise ensures a secure and stable bite.

Snap-On Implant-Secured New You Dentures: For those who prefer flexibility, our Snap-On Dentures might be the answer. These dentures can easily snap on and off dental implants, giving you the freedom to choose when to wear them. Dr. Green's design ensures a strong connection to the implants, providing a comfortable bite and easy cleaning. These removable palate-less dentures offer maximum lifestyle flexibility – wear them when you want, or take them out when you prefer. With housings that snap over the implant heads, you can count on a secure fit that's perfect for your active life.

Whether you're leaning toward the permanence of All-On-4 or the flexibility of Snap-On Dentures, Dr. Green and her dedicated team are here to guide you toward your best smile. Reach out to us today and discover the option that suits your needs and brings out your confidence.

Embrace a world of cosmetic and restorative possibilities with Dr. Green. From the strength of Zirconia Full-Fixed Arch to the security of All-on-4 Implant-Supported Dentures, the ease of Implant-Secure Snap-On Dentures, and the innovation of New You Cosmetic Dentures – find the perfect fit for your needs.

Transform your smile, transform your life – all with the expertise of Dr. Randi Green. Contact us today to embark on your journey to the best-looking, best-performing smile you've always dreamed of.

Dr. Green made this journey so easy and SO different from my last denture and I truly appreciate everything they have done! Thanks for going that extra mile to make sure things were done right and that I felt comfortable in them! Couldn't have asked for better people or experience. Truly amazing dentist and people at Springfield Smile Doctor.
—Linda M. via Weave ★★★★★
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I'm dedicated to empowering every patient with the confidence they deserve by demystifying the dental journey—providing complete transparency about treatment options, costs, and details upfront. No matter your dental concerns, my team and I are here to serve and guide you toward the best solution when you enter my practice. —Dr. Randi Green






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Why are Bad Dentures so Common?

Dr. Green and the entire smile team were very pleasant to work with throughout my implant journey. When I finally got my snap-on dentures attached to the implants for adjustments, all I had to do was call. Now it's just been the last 2-3 months I've had zero problems with my implant dentures. 
Our Patient Jon

Jon's Story

After falling on the ice, our patient Jon cracked many teeth that came in contact with his partial denture. A friend recommended Dr. Randi Green and the smile team, and now he beams with confidence knowing his implant-supported denture gives him maximum security and comfort.

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