James's Cosmetic Smile Story
Cosmetic denture patient James before treatment

Cosmetic denture patient James before treatment

"Same-day" dentures just didn't excite our outgoing patient. James's teeth had reached their natural ending and he wanted a custom cosmetic solution.

Cosmetic dentures were the perfect fit. Dr. Randi Green and the smile team helped James revive his smile and now he grins from ear-to-ear with snap-on dentures.

Cosmetic Denture patient James 

Daniel – Welcome to Smile Stories from the Springfield Smile Doctor, Randi Green, D.M.D. I'm Daniel, Dr. Green's practice manager and today we're talking with cosmetic denture patient James.

Daniel – Hi James!

Daniel – Talk to me about your smile before. What did you not like about it?

James – I had my own teeth and they were at the stage of my life where they had to be taken out. I didn’t want the type of false teeth that end up in a jar on the beside table. In my research I saw “Smile Doctor” and that was reason enough for me to call. I couldn’t be happier with that decision.

Daniel – What did you think about Dr. Green and her smile team?

Daniel – I love their attitude here. They are professional, caring, and they have real personalities. They take time to talk to you and understand you and your concerns. I also never felt any pain or sharp pokes.

Daniel – How did you find Dr. Green?

James – I wanted my dentist to tell me “why” I needed any work done at all. Dr. Green is not the first dentist I’ve ever been to, but I thought about it and no other dentist ever explained to me why I needed work. Dr. Green took the time and told me what was going to happen if I ignored treatment and why I needed treatment. She provided me with the temporary and support at every step. In the end we finished with something that made me really happy.

Daniel – How has your new smile affected your life and career? Are there any specific stories or interactions with people that stand out to you now? Do more people notice your smile?

James – For years I hid my teeth but I smile more now and I know that I do! I grin more as opposed to smiling so you can see my broad smile.

Daniel – Have you noticed any health improvements after your dental treatment?

James – I can eat more things. Steak, prime rib, and corn on the cob – you name it! I can also indulge my favorite candy, Twizzler Nibs! I can eat as many as I want now and before treatment I couldn’t.

Daniel – What would you tell others like yourself who have been ignoring or putting off major dental work due to embarrassment or fear?

James – If you have been putting it off, you’ll wish you hadn’t. Dr. Green and her smile team delivers on their promises.

"I love their attitude here. They are professional, caring, and they have real personalities. They take time to talk to you and understand you and your concerns. I also never felt any pain or sharp pokes."

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James's Custom Smile Notes

Cosmetic dentures were a good fit for James. Left untreated, his decayed and broken teeth would have lead to severe dental infections, bad breath, bleeding gums, extreme tooth pain and breaking teeth, among other problems. This is what James was headed for so he knew he had to do something soon.

Springfield Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Green states, "In James’s case, we knew a cosmetic approach was key as soon as we met him!" His outgoing personality needed a smile to match. Like he noted in his smile story — a denture in a cup on the nightstand WAS NOT an option. James and I discussed several options and decided a Cosmetic New You Denture that snapped onto implants was the best solution. With the added implants, James was also able to eliminate the palate from his prosthesis, making it so much more comfortable to wear a real, natural looking snap on denture.

With all our dental prosthetic cases, we take a physiologic approach. This means we work hard to make sure that the teeth work in a position that is comfortable to the jaw muscles and joints. By doing so, patients are often more tolerant of dentures and can often eat and speak better. The physiologic approach also means we put the teeth where they should be – and, when teeth are where they should be, faces look fuller and more supported. The sunk-in “granny or grampy” look associated with most dentures is a thing of the past.


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