10 Things You Need to Know About Your Dental Hygienist

It may be no surprise that dental hygiene cleaning and continuing care is good for your mouth.

Did you know that your hygienist does more than “just” a cleaning? October is National Hygiene Month and here are 10 things that you might not be aware of during your appointment with Jyssica, your Springfield, MO dental hygienist.

1. It's Not Just About Your Teeth

If you are like most patients, you probably see your dentist more than you see your other physicians. At each routine cleaning, Jyssica looks at the mouth-body connection. What happens throughout the body impacts your overall oral health. Conversely, your oral health can impact your overall health. Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, sleep disorders, and stress all impact your oral health. Jyssica stays on the cutting edge to ensure we are looking at the big picture of your health, rather than just cleaning those pearly whites! 

2. “Awww” is My Minute Massage Over Now?

A head and neck oral cancer screening can be relaxing, but it is probably the most important part of your visit.  Nearly 62,000 people in the US were diagnosed with head and neck cancer in 2015 alone! Jyssica is trying to identify any abnormal lumps or bumps during this part of your continuing care. A wide range of cancers can be identified on the face and inside the mouth. Two major risk factors are heavy alcohol consumption and tobacco usage. A referral for a biopsy will be suggested if we notice any changes outside of normal limits.

3. It's "Piezo" Not Pizza

Actor smiling with top lip animation

During your cleaning, Jyssica will use a high-tech water instrument to clean your teeth. A Piezo is a type of ultrasonic scaler. Some of our patients affectionately call it the teeth power washer. It has many benefits and you will first notice that your cleanings go much smoother — no more scraping and picking! The acoustic stream from the Piezo causes a constant flushing action of water against your teeth. The vibrations happen 25,000 times per second and cause bubbles that produce shock waves of energy. This action loosens debris, biofilm, stains, tartar and actually blows up bacteria cells. You will notice it is more tolerable compared to older dental hygiene techniques such as scaling. You will love your refreshed clean teeth.

4. Delicious Polishing Paste Flavors

Everyone has different tastes. We love D-Lish prophy polishing paste. It has a smooth, creamy texture. A few of our requested fun flavors are orange dreamsicle, fresh strawberry, mint mojito, and key lime pie. Yum! D-Lish is always coming up with new ideas and have over 15 gluten free flavors. You are guaranteed to find a tasty polishing flavor to suit your palate. Mix it up and try a different flavor at each visit.

Springfield dental hygienist joke about prophy paste

5. A Real Personal Relationship

Springfield dental hygiene relationships are built on trust.

It is discouraging to walk into any clinic, practice, or office and not feel comfortable with your caregiver or doctor, especially when they are rushed and not engaged with you. Even worse is when they use all those foreign medical and dental terms. Our outstanding customer service at Springfield Smile Doctor will make you a believer. Jyssica can look at the schedule each day and state personal details about everyone she sees.  She is not just a “tooth scratcher”, she cares about you. She wants to know details about you outside of the dental chair. She will spend time educating and showing you how to use products, and answer any questions you may have. You will never feel unappreciated as a new or returning dental patient at our Springfield dental practice.

6. Spa-like Ammenities

Springfield dentist has spa-like amenities like hot towels and blankets

Working in the mouth can seem intrusive or intimidating. We understand. This is why we offer many comfort items to make each appointment pleasing and relaxing. You may like to listen to music to tune out noises or snuggle up in a comfy big blanket for warmth. Jyssica's personal favorite is our heated scented lemon towels after treatment. Feeling like you are at home and not at the dentist makes for a delightful time.

7. You Get a Dental Goodie Bag, You Get a Dental Goodie Bag, YOU Get a Dental Goodie Bag!

Dental goodie bag. "You get a goodie bag, you get a goodie bag, you get a goodie bag."

Walking through the dental aisle at a grocery store can be overwhelming. There are a ton of different products that all help you with the same issue. Then there are the products you think are right for you and don't work. This can make anyone’s head spin. Jyssica does extensive research and compares these products so she can make a recommendation of what would be best for your hygiene needs. Who doesn’t like free samples?! 

8. Painless Laser Therapy

Jyssica made time to train for laser therapy after her degree to offer this treatment to you. Laser therapy is the best way to help treat periodontal disease, but can be used to help with so many more issues. Jyssica can even use the laser to treat cold sores and apthous ulcers. The pain from the sores is eliminated and healing time decreased with just a few short minutes in the chair. The best part of all, laser therapy is a painless treatment.

9. Above and Beyond Continuing Education

In the state of Missouri, a hygienist only needs 30 hours of continuing education every two years. Jyssica averages more than double these requirements. Constant studying with Dr. Randi Green at LVI Global and beyond is one of the main ways she is giving you the very best treatment available.

10. We Use High Quality H2O

This topic might not ever cross your mind. The water Jyssica uses in every cleaning is distilled water. She places a dental water line microbial contaminant control tablet in each water bottle for your cleaning. This mighty tablet kills any bacteria that exist and cleans the water lines. It is encouraging for you to know that you receive genuine, pure water during your hygiene check up.

Jyssica, Springfield Smile Doctor Dental Hygienist

Jyssica, Springfield Smile Doctor Dental Hygienist

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