What is Facial Growth Orthodontics?

Facial growth orthodontics can correct underbites, overbites, and crossbites without expensive and risky jaw surgery.

For many years, dental bite problems like underbites, overbites, and crossbites were very hard to fix in adults. Often, expensive and risky jaw surgeries were the only option. Maxillofacial TMJ jaw surgery often requires braces before and after the surgery to align the bite. Treatment and jaw surgery to correct the bite could take years and be quite painful.

Fortunately, the field of dentistry is always advancing, and a non-surgical jaw correction option now exists. Full face orthodontics, also known as jaw growth orthodontics, with Dr. Randi Green can correct underbites, overbites, and crossbites in adolescent and adult patients. For most patients, no TMJ jaw surgery is required. Dr. Green uses the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance or AGGA to develop faces to their genetic potential.

AGGA Facial Development Featured Case

AGGA Before and After | Growth Guidance Orthodontics with Amanda


Facial Growth Orthodontic patient Amanda, before and after AGGA midface expansion.

In Amanda's mid-treatment photos on the (left) to last update photo on the (right) with Facial Growth Orthodontics you can see the changes in her face with the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA).

In Amanda's mid-treatment photos on the (left) to last update photo on the (right) with Facial Growth Orthodontics you can see the changes in her face with the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA).

TMJ Success Story and Facial Growth Orthodontics with our patient Amanda. Read about her journey with TMJ + AGGA with Dr. Randi Green and the smile team!


See more of Dr. Green's AGGA before and afters below and watch her videos explaining more about facial development techniques that have helped many avoid jaw correction surgery with facial development orthodontics.

How is facial development orthodontics different from traditional orthodontics?

Let’s start with what we call the “big three.”

The big three are nasal breathing, lip seal and proper tongue posture.

When those three things are not in place during the growth and development of the jaws, disharmonies and imbalances in the craniofacial structure can result.

We utilize an orthodontic technique called facial development orthodontics or jaw development orthodontics that can correct some of those disharmonies that form during growth and development when the big three are interrupted.

We use this orthodontic technique with kids and adult patients. The premise behind the anterior growth appliance strategy is to help develop the jaws to their true genetic potential.

When those big three were interrupted during growth and development, we commonly see patients with a top jaw that is too small, a bottom jaw that is too small or maybe a top jaw that’s set back, a bottom jaw that's overgrown; common terms for these things are underbites and overbites.

Our growth guidance orthodontic therapy allows us to develop the top jaw to the proper size, and that frees up our ability to get the bottom jaw in a really nice relaxed physiologic bite position.

What can I expect from facial growth orthodontic treatment?

The goals that we can accomplish through facial growth and development provide the ability for our patients to re-establish the big three in proper working order.

1) Return Mouth Breathing to Nasal Breathing

Consequently, patients that were mouth breathers before, we can investigate and return them to nasal breathing.

2) Teach Proper Lip Seal

We teach patients how to keep a proper lip seal when their jaws are developed to the true potential that they should have developed in the first place.

3) Train Proper Oral Posture

We can train patients to get their tongues back to the right position.

We utilize either a removable or a fixed anterior growth guidance appliance. The AGGA growth appliance that we use puts light pressure on the nerve that runs right through your palate. It stimulates remodeling and development in the entire mid-face of the patient.

  • We will see the remodeling and development right behind the canines, but you'll also see a lot of facial changes for our AGGA patients.

  • Some patients have flat cheekbones, and we will see those start to develop.

  • Some patients report better ability to breathe nasally as their nasal passageways open more fully to take more oxygen. Thus increasing their quality of sleep by alleviating or eliminating sleep breathing problems.

  • Other patients will have a lack of a neck, some of my patients affectionately call it a ‘turkey neck.’ You may start to see during growth, that it will disappear, and they will get a more defined jawline and better angle of the jaw.

  • Some patients liken AGGA treatment to a non-surgical dental facelift by also seeing decreased facial and smile lines and a fuller appearance of the lips and cheeks.

  • Other things that can happen are upturned noses may straighten.

  • We can develop a nice big broad, healthy beautiful smile with perfectly straight teeth.

Does jaw development orthodontics move teeth in adults?

Jaw development orthodontics actually works with the physiology of the body. The anterior growth guided appliance or AGGA puts light pressure over a nerve in the palate, and by doing so, it activates growth centers in the body to turn on and stimulate bone remodeling, not just in the top jaw but in the entire mid-face region.

Traditional orthodontic expansion relies on pressure on the teeth and so by putting pressure on the teeth, moves the teeth through bone. While that can be very effective in a child patient, it can be almost dangerous in an adult patient and cause potential loosening of the teeth and possible gum tissue loss. Jaw growth orthodontics, especially for adult patients, opens up a whole new avenue of robust remodeling and development.

Growth Guidance Orthodontics does not require corrective jaw surgery. Facial growth orthodontics can fix bite issues from an underdeveloped top jaw, TMJ pain, facial pain, bad posture, headaches, migraines, decreased airway volume, sleep apnea, and premature facial aging.


AGGA Before and After | Growth Guidance Orthodontics with Courtney


AGGA Before and After | Growth Guidance Orthodontics with Daniel


Take Action with a Facial Growth Evaluation with Dr. Randi Green

Our patient Liz with 5mm of growth with AGGA. Photos were taken at mid-treatment with her facial growth orthodontic progress.

Our patient Liz with 5mm of growth with AGGA. Photos were taken at mid-treatment with her facial growth orthodontic progress.

Full face orthodontics works with the physiology of the patient to correct the underlying issues that caused the bad dental bite in the first place. You can read more here about why so many of us have bite problems and dental crowding.  

After these underlying issues are addressed, a growth appliance is used to stimulate new bone growth in the upper jaw (HINT: a small upper jaw is usually the reason we develop bad bites).

Once the top jaw develops to its full genetic potential with a growth appliance, ControlledArch® Braces are used to create a broad, beautiful, straight and healthy smile.

Unlocking the Genetic Potential with Orthopedic Development Without Maxillofacial Surgery

By unlocking the genetic growth potential of the upper jaw with orthopedic development, a whole host of other issues can be addressed as well. People with bite issues from an underdeveloped top jaw can have TMJ pain, facial pain, bad posture, headaches, migraines, decreased airway volume, sleep apnea, and premature facial aging. By aligning the bite and growing the jaw, we can improve many of these problems for most patients- no surgery required.

Full face physiologic orthodontics with Dr. Randi Green can fix your bad dental bite, help you improve your posture, and decrease or eliminate pain from the TMJ and facial muscles. This physiologic technique can drastically improve sunken in faces, enhance facial volume to minimize the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, improve the presence of a weak chin, and in some cases, decrease the appearance of neck fat (affectionately known as “turkey neck”).

AGGA Before and During | Facial Growth Orthodontics with Alissa


Before AGGA treatment


1 month into AGGA treatment


2 months into AGGA treatment

These people have absolutely changed my life in such a positive way! I came to Smile Doctor initially only needing a cleaning at first, after a bad experience with my prior dentist. Randi and all her staff are so kind. They did an x-ray of my jaw and teeth. Randi suggested that she knew a way to fix my problems, that my even my last orthodontist completely missed. I have midface deficiency and TMJ problems that are both being addressed through a 3 phase jaw growth treatment. I wasn’t happy about having to have braces again in phase 3, but Randi convinced me that it would be worth it. I had already had braces and nighttime headgear for a year and a half in high school. She was right, it is so worth it. I’m so glad I found this group of people because they actually know what they’re doing, and they care. My prior dentist and orthodontist missed so many issues. Had I not came to Smile Doctor, I would have lived on believing that there wasn’t a way to fix my TMJ and mid face deficiency. Now that’s all getting fixed, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m halfway through and can already see major improvements. I can’t wait until treatment is complete!
— Alissa F. via Google ★★★★★


Follow Daniel as he blogs about Facial Growth Orthodontic treatment and his experience with Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA).


Benefits of Facial Growth Orthodontics vs. Traditional Orthodontics

Traditional orthodontists wait until growth is complete or nearly complete to start treatment meaning that treatment usually begins in pre-teen years usually with braces.

This approach can make treatment more of a challenge and take more time. In contrast, growth guidance orthodontics and myofunctional therapy utilize active growth to re-establish normal facial growth patterns as early as age four until 104!

Why Choose “The Smile Doctor,” Dr. Randi Green?

Dr. Green has advanced training to understand the complex interactions between your teeth, bones, muscles, nerves, and airway. This understanding is critical in helping to restore the proper harmony among your facial tissues that can revitalize your facial appearance through facial development orthodontic techniques.

Dr. Randi Green is Springfield, Missouri’s only Fellow of the Las Vegas Institute. She regularly trains in the latest physiologic dentistry techniques and scientific advances at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. She has helped many people in Springfield, throughout the Midwest, and across the United States find answers, pain relief and achieve healthy, attractive smiles.

To learn more about Dr. Green's non-surgical dental facelift procedures, like facial growth orthodontics, please contact the Springfield Smile Doctor by calling (417) 887-5155 today or please send us a brief email request, and we’ll be in touch very soon.

We are accepting new children and adult patients for facial development orthodontic treatment. The first step is to see if you or your child is a candidate for AGGA jaw development orthodontic treatment.

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