Porcelain Crowns

A decayed or lost tooth can impact oral health and cause pain. Dr. Randi Green in Springfield offers custom premium dental crowns crafted with cutting-edge technology and superior porcelain materials to enhance your smile with precision.

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Top 3 Benefits of Premium Custom Porcelain Crowns by Springfield Dentist Dr. Randi Green

Dr. Randi Green is a beacon of expertise when considering dental crowns, combining mastery and patient care to deliver outstanding results.

  1. Superior Protection: Crowns are more than just aesthetic; they serve as a shield for vulnerable teeth. Whether following root canal therapy, significant cavities, or simply reinforcing a weak tooth, Dr. Green's crowns prevent further damage and deterioration.
  2. Durability Meets Aesthetics: Using the latest materials, including Ivoclar e.max, Dr. Green crafts crowns that not only withstand daily forces but also seamlessly blend with natural teeth, ensuring functionality without compromising on beauty.
  3. Natural-Looking Results: Every patient is unique, and Dr. Green understands that. Recommending tooth-colored crowns for the most genuine look, she offers a wide range of materials to suit individual preferences, ensuring a comfortable, long-lasting, and natural-looking restoration.

With Dr. Green, expect a fusion of expertise and personalized care that brings back the beauty and strength of your smile.

Porcelain Crown


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I'm dedicated to empowering every patient with the confidence they deserve by demystifying the dental journey—providing complete transparency about treatment options, costs, and details upfront. No matter your dental concerns, my team and I are here to serve and guide you toward the best solution when you enter my practice. —Dr. Randi Green






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Unbeatable service at Springfield Smile Doctor! I've been loyal to just two dentists in the last two decades, one being Dr. Randi Green; she and her smile team are why. They genuinely prioritize my dental health. Highly recommend!
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