NewYou Cosmetic Dentures™

Tooth loss and a lack of confidence often go hand in hand. Dr. Randi Green addresses this with her game-changing cosmetic dentures in Springfield, MO. Far from the old-fashioned image, these modern, stylish, custom-designed dentures ensure a natural look, boosting your smile and confidence.

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Top Three Benefits of Choosing Dr. Green for Cosmetic Dentures in Springfield, MO:

  1. Personalized Artistry: Experience the New You Dentures™ advantage with Dr. Green – custom-designed for a flawless fit and a natural look. These aren't generic solutions but are tailored to your anatomy, ensuring you achieve the smile you've always desired.
  2. Integrated Function and Aesthetics: Dr. Green's approach uniquely combines the science of physiology with artistic precision. This expertise ensures your cosmetic dentures radiate beauty and finds ideal muscle relaxation and bite alignment for maximum comfort.
  3. Cutting-Edge Denture Solutions: Dive into the world of advanced denture technology with Dr. Green. Be it the durability of zirconia Full Arch Fixed Bridges, the innovative design of New You Dentures, or the hybrid power of implant-secured options – you're guaranteed a functional and a work of art solution.

Cosmetic dentures are custom-designed to fit your lifestyle and provide a confident, healthy smile  

Custom-designed, natural-looking New You Dentures™ is your cosmetic denture solution in Springfield, Missouri.

Do you know someone who is unhappy with their dentures?

Yeah, we hear that a lot too.

Tell them there is a better solution that is custom-made to their anatomy for optimal fit and function. We are here to listen and provide all options to help you smile.

Cosmetic Dentures with Life-like Quality of the Teeth and Gums

Dr. Green's artistry combined with the proper physiologic placement of your cosmetic dentures that look real can revive a beautiful beaming smile. Let your true and best personality shine with a cosmetic facelift. Ask the smile team to see more dramatic “denture smile” before and after denture pictures at your visit!

Unlock Your Best Smile with Cosmetic Dentures and Dental Implants!

Curious about the magic of cosmetic dentures? Look no further! Dr. Randi Green, your Springfield dental implants and cosmetic denture expert, has the solution you've been seeking.

Experience the transformation with options like Full Arch Fixed Bridges made from durable zirconia, implant-secured "snap-on" solutions, and the revolutionary New You Dentures. These state-of-the-art cosmetic dentures, meticulously crafted by Dr. Green, promise not just a smile but a natural and attractive masterpiece.

Dr. Green's approach combines physiology and aesthetics for restorations that not only enhance your appearance but also ensure optimal muscle relaxation, bite alignment, and functionality. The outcome? Stunning bridges and dentures that perform as magnificently as they look.

Bid farewell to the 'sunken-in' look! Our full-fixed arch, snap-on, and cosmetic dentures provide unparalleled facial support. Some even call it a non-surgical facelift, all thanks to the expertise of your trusted dentist.

Discover the comfort of custom dentures. Rave reviews from our denture patients confirm that New You Cosmetic Dentures are unparalleled in appearance and fit. Experience comfort like never before, and watch as Dr. Green's premium restorative dental options shave off years from your appearance – 10, 15, even 20 years younger!

Ready to take charge of your smile destiny? Connect with your Springfield cosmetic dentist now! Dr. Green puts the power of choice in your hands, allowing you to custom-design your dream full-fixed arch or cosmetic denture.

Navigating the world of traditional dentures involves considering different price ranges and quality levels. It's important to understand that the rush for quick and inexpensive dentures can compromise their quality. When dentures are made quickly and on a budget, they often don't provide the best results. Instead of custom-made, these dentures are usually produced in large quantities and adjusted to fit your mouth. Unfortunately, this approach results in a poor fit, incorrect bite, and teeth that might not look quite right – almost as if they don't belong in your mouth.

  • Conventional dentures do not replace lost facial volume; they replace the teeth. Over time, as facial volume is lost, the dentures get loose and can make the wearer appear older.
  • New You Dentures uses your existing jawbone as the base for a cantilevered denture. These premium dentures are hand-crafted to return your profile as close to its original proportions, conveying youth, health, and a confident and beautiful smile.
  • Making cosmetic dentures that look entirely natural takes advanced training. New You Dentures dentists have received special training at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry (LVI). The training is rigorous and demanding but patients recieve all the benefits of Dr. Green's training.

By choosing a New You Dentures dentist such as Dr. Randi Green, you can be confident in her ability to produce visibly better results than conventional dentures of the past.

From my initial visit, the Smile Doctor team has been fabulous. I searched many practices, asked questions and had numerous conversations. When I talked with Daniel I received peace and knew the Smile Doctor was my choice. I felt comfortable each step of the process. Questions were answered throughout my journey, and I never felt hurried when I made inquiries. I have already highly recommended you to a couple of friends, who like me, need to consider dentures. Thank you and God bless each team member that had a part in making my experience positive.
Muriel D. via Weave ★★★★★

Crafting Your Perfect Smile with New You Cosmetic Dentures™

Wondering how long it takes to get premium, customized New You Cosmetic Dentures™? Typically, it involves three visits. During your first appointment, Dr. Green and our team will assess your eligibility using advanced 3D X-Ray scans to examine your jawbone health.

Working closely with your concierge, you'll explore options like premium conventional dentures, snap-on dentures, All-on-X implant-supported dentures, or a full-fixed zirconia bridge – the choice is yours to make.

What about the cost of New You Dentures™? While they are more expensive than regular dentures, the results are often considered priceless by many patients. Dr. Green's extensive expertise in cosmetic dentures and bridges, along with her focus on avoiding ill-fitting results, ensures you're making a worthwhile investment.

Think about it – when you're on a budget, can you really afford to compromise? Get the smile you truly want and deserve right from the start with the Smile Doctor.

Ready to begin your journey towards tooth replacement with cosmetic dentures? Look no further! Dr. Randi Green is here to guide you to a more youthful and confident smile. Don't wait any longer – reserve your consultation for cosmetic dentures or a bridge by calling or texting us today. Your dream smile awaits!

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What are cosmetic dentures?


Cosmetic dentures are special teeth replacements that make your smile look better. They're designed to improve how your teeth look and help you feel more confident about your appearance.

How much do cosmetic dentures cost?


The cost of cosmetic dentures can vary. On average, they might be more expensive than regular dentures because they focus on making your smile look really nice. The price can change based on where you live and the kind of dentures you want but patients let us know their investment is "priceless."

Are cosmetic dentures better than traditional dentures?


Cosmetic dentures can be better if you want your smile to look great. Traditional dentures are more about replacing missing teeth, while cosmetic dentures also care about how your new teeth make you look and function.

Can cosmetic dentures improve facial appearance?


Yes, they can! Cosmetic dentures can help your face look fuller and more youthful. They give support to your cheeks and lips, which can make you look like you've had a mini facelift.

What is the process of getting cosmetic dentures?


When you decide to get cosmetic dentures, you'll need to visit a dentist. They will examine your mouth and talk to you about the kind of dentures you want. Then, Dr. Green will have a try-in or as many as you need to make your dentures to fit your mouth and teach you how to take care of them for many years of enjoyment.

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I'm dedicated to empowering every patient with the confidence they deserve by demystifying the dental journey—providing complete transparency about treatment options, costs, and details upfront. No matter your dental concerns, my team and I are here to serve and guide you toward the best solution when you enter my practice. —Dr. Randi Green

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My smile makeover has allowed me to present myself in a much stronger way. I am able to work with people more closely and not be concerned about my smile.
Our Patient Alicia

Alicia's Smile Story

We hear from many patients who have dental anxiety and are nervous about their dental visit. After many months of online research, Alicia came to Dr. Green to find a doctor who could provide her with the best implant-supported system and help her smile again. From start to finish, hear how she found compassionate care and more with Dr. Randi Green in Springfield, Missouri.

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