New You Dentures is your cosmetic denture solution to regain lost facial volume and restore self-confidence

Cosmetic Dentures are custom-designed to fit you and your healthy smile. 

Custom-designed, natural looking New You Dentures™ is your cosmetic denture solution in Springfield.


I can’t say how it’s going to be for everybody, but the first day I noticed on the way to the car I felt better...
— Our patient Carl
New You Dentures
  • Dentures made by Dr. Randi Green at Springfield Smile Doctor provide a more attractive, natural smile.

  • Dr. Green takes a physiologic and cosmetic approach to denture building with treatment that will allow you to maintain optimum muscle relaxation, bite and function. This path translates directly into the appearance of your dentures.

  • Our denture wearers get great facial support that eliminates the ‘sunken-in’ look and some call a non-surgical facelift.

  • Custom dentures look and feel better. Some of our denture patients look 20 years younger or more!

These are not your Grandma’s or Grandpa’s dentures.
Kay Before - New You Cosmetic Dentures

Kay Before - New You Cosmetic Dentures

Kay After - New You Cosmetic Dentures

Kay After - New You Cosmetic Dentures


If you want hands-on access to custom-design how you want your denture to look and fit give our Springfield dentist a call.

See if Dr. Green's natural-looking cosmetic All-on-4 Implant Supported Denture, Snap-On Denture, or New You Cosmetic Denture is the right fit for you.

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Traditional dentures come in a wide variety of prices and as you might expect have varying degrees of quality.

The market has demanded that dentures be made fast and cheap - when this is the case, they usually just aren’t that good. The result of the fast and cheap demand is that dentures are often mass produced and then “relined” to fit your mouth. The fit is no where near custom, the bite is often not right, and they often look like the teeth were borrowed from someone else!

New You Dentures™ are different.

They are custom made for each patient taking their individual mouth and needs into account. Our cosmetic dentures revive the lost art of denture making and are hand crafted by master technicians for the best possible result. By combining aesthetic training with advanced denture building techniques and technologies, a New You Dentures™ trained dentist, such as Dr. Randi Green, can often achieve dramatic results not possible with conventional dentures and give you the best fitting cosmetic denture available in Springfield.


Once the teeth are lost, the jaw bones will shrink and loose up to 75% of their previous volume. This results in that “sunken in” appearance associated with denture wearers and old age.


New You Dentures™ are made custom for you. This makes them fit much truer than same day dentures or other economy denture styles that often never truely fit your anatomy.


Conventional dentures do not replace lost facial volume, they just replace the teeth. Over time, as volume is lost, the dentures not only get loose but can make the wearer appear older. The features we associate with youth and health, like full lips, a defined profile, and filled out lower facial features are lost with conventional dentures.

New You Dentures use your existing jaw bone as the base for a cantilevered denture. These are hand-crafted to return your profile as close as possible to its original proportions conveying youth, health and a confident and beautiful smile.

Making cosmetic dentures that look completely natural takes advanced training. New You Dentures dentists have received special training at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry (LVI). The training is rigorous and demanding. By choosing a New You Dentures dentist such as Dr. Randi Green, you can be confident in her ability to produce visibly better results over conventional dentures of the past.


Read or listen to Carl's Smile Story Podcast and hear him describe his smile transformation with Dr. Randi Green.


Please call us to set up your new patient experience and Dr. Green will help determine your best cosmetic options.

New You Dentures
  • Implant Support Dentures are Permanently Attached Custom Designed Dentures They screw onto Implants and can only be removed in-office
  • Snap-On Custom Dentures snap on and off of implants for easy daily cleaning 
  • Glue-On Custom Designed Dentures that are glued-on by daily 

New You Cosmetic Dentures Can Be Configured to Work with Dental Implants or Custom-Fit Your Anatomy.

Dr. Green uses precise methods to find your physiologic bite. She uses accurate measurements and makes sure the facial muscles are "happy" with the placement and alignment of your new teeth. 

All-on-4, implant supported cosmetic dentures are permanently affixed. (Illustration)

All-on-4, implant supported cosmetic dentures are permanently affixed. (Illustration)

New You Cosmetic Denture Implant-supported (All-on-4)

Dr. Green's custom-designed All-On-4 Implant Supported New You Denture system is the most advanced offering for Springfield denture patients. Four or more implants help support the custom palate-less denture. This denture is permanently affixed to the implants abutment.  This helps bring stability to your bite and will help you recover your ability to eat, speak, chew and laugh. These dentures can be removed and cleaned during an in-office visit with the Smile Doctor.


Snap on cosmetic dentures can "snap on/off" dental implants for maximum lifestyle flexibility. (Illustration)

Snap on cosmetic dentures can "snap on/off" dental implants for maximum lifestyle flexibility. (Illustration)

New You Snap-On Removable Cosmetic Dentures

Dr. Green's Snap On New You Dentures are removable. The palate-less denture "snaps" over the head of the dental implants. The palate-less denture comes with housings that sit over the O-ball. They snap off and on the implant, creating a strong anchor and bite and make for easy daily cleaning.




How long does it take to make New You Dentures™?

  • The average cosmetic denture patient takes three visits.

How much do New You Dentures™ cost?

  • New You Dentures™ are more expensive than conventional dentures with many patients describing the results as ‘priceless’.

How do you get started on the path to cosmetic dentures?

  • Begin your journey to a younger looking, more confident and beautiful smile with New You Dentures™. So, why wait? Call the Springfield Smile Doctor to reserve your cosmetic denture consultation. (417) 887-5155

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